Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 8 Recap

Ahhh...hometown dates!!! This is one of my favorite times every season.. a chance to see where the guys came from!!  Let's get right to it...

First up Ashley heads to Cumming, GA to Constantine's hometown.  According to Ashley's People.com blog, she felt he was immediately a happier, changed man being back home.  They went to his family's restaurant and all of the waitresses fawned all over them.  Ashley made a homemade pizza with Constantine's help and then they went and sat outside and drank wine.  Wonder if they felt the six pair of eyes on them? Haha  Then they headed over to his parent's home to meet his sister and parents.  Everyone was really nice and warm.  Later on the entire family joined and it became a dancing party, since Constantine is Greek. 

Next up is Ames.. Ashley headed to Pennsylvania.  Did ANYONE besides me notice that Ame's boxers were hanging out of his pants pretty much the WHOLE time?? Now we know he's a boxers kind of guy.  But geez, GET A BELT!!! lol Ames looks a whole lot alike his family.  And they all must resemble his Dad because his Mom doesn't have the weird bug eye look that the rest of them have.   Ashley sits down with his sister, Serena, who pretty much hits the nail on the head by saying they don't really have much spark.  I think Ashley has kept Ames around for so long because she's intrigued by him.  But not because they have this passionate spark that she can't ignore.  I've been begging her for weeks to let him go.  Serena tells Ashley about how romantic Ames is..which he's been telling Ashley for weeks that he is but hasnt' really shown it. Well they leave his family early to go on a carriage ride and picnic under a magnolia tree.  A collective "awww".. :)

Back across the continent to Sonoma, California to see Ben.  I like Ben!!! He's so cute for her.  They go to his winery and test out some of the wine.  They have a picnic and talk about Ben's family.  Ashley states on her blog that she expected Ben's family to be loud and funny but they were quite the opposite. Ben's mom reminded Ashley of "Coco Chanel".. she was very sophisticated.  You can clearly see that Ben's dad's death is still very fresh for them.  I think Ashley fell in love with Ben.

Last but not least, Ashley heads to Long Island, New York to see JP.  JP had planned an elaborate date outside, but rain was in the forecast so on the fly, he took her to a roller skating rink.  It was pretty cool and reminded both of them of middle school.  JP's family was really sweet and were all concerned about JP getting his heart broken because the last girlfriend he had brought home had done that to him.  Ashley felt she could fit right in.

I think Ashley's decision was pretty easy this week.. she had more feelings developed for everyone else except for Ames.  I think Ames was very surprised..he didn't know how to act.  Poor thing...I really felt sorry for him!  Next week they are off to Fiji on Fantasty Dates....and I will be out of town so no blog for me!! :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 7

I really missed not getting to watch a new episode last week due to July 4th!  So welcome back! :) This episode takes us to Tai Pai, Taiwan in the final big destination before hometown dates.  Chris tells the guys that there will be 3 one on one dates this week with no roses and one group date with a rose.

Constantine gets the first one on one date and they hop on a steam train off to a village.  After getting to the village we see people drawing on these big red lanterns..it's a way to get your wishes to come true. So Ashley & Constantine draw on their "love lantern" all sorts of things.  I must go ahead and tell this.. they left this part out of the main episode and put it at the end as an outtake.  After completing their lantern and walking through the village, they decide to take a break and sit on a park bench.  Constantine sits the lantern down (keep in mind, this thing is huge) and sits on the other side of Ashley.  Ashley sees a dog walking by and is talking to it....the dog walks up to the lantern, hikes his leg, relieves himself, and walks off.  I couldn't contain my laughter!! It was hilarious!!  Anyway.. they ended the night with dinner & a kiss and lit their lantern and released it..then they kissed again..after they came up for air the night sky was filled with lanterns...it was truly a romantic scene.  I think Ashley & Constantine took a big step in their relationship on this date. 

The next one on one date goes to Ben (Constantine's twin! lol).  They hop on a scooter and rode around town..it was quite romantic.  Ben was able to see Ashley as his wife and really desired to take her home to meet his family.  You can tell they have a lot of chemistry and Ashley is really taken by him.  Ben is falling in love and tells Ashley that it takes a lot for him to say the "L-Bomb"... so maybe next week? We'll see! I truly didn't expect to see this guy make it so far!

Right before the group date, JP looked p-od.  Maybe because Ben was STILL out with Ashley the next morning.  Talk about man-drama!  JP wouldn't even talk to anyone about it.  Time for the group date..and again I say..Ashley sucks at picking group date activities.  This activity consisted of taking wedding photos.  Lucas, Ames & JP had to dress up in whatever outfit Ashley had picked for them.  Lucas was in a traditional kimono (what he called a dress, what Ashley called a long shirt), Ames looked like a "cross between an ostrich & Elton John" according to JP (which in my opinion it fit in and his quirkyness perfectly), and JP was in the traditional tuxedo.  Lucas & Ames both took their pictures with Ashley first and both of them kissed for the camera and you could see JP getting more and more uncomfortable.  He couldn't even enjoy when it was his time to take pictures with Ashley.  Which is too bad because Ashley looked better than she ever has.  Her dress was magnificent.  During the cocktail hour later on, Lucas kind of whines about having to be the one to wear the kimono (which Ashley had earlier stated he was more traditional so she put him in the traditional outfit for the culture).  Lucas has no problem telling Ashley how he really feels about the situation at any given time.  Ames talked about Ashley meeting his family..and JP still seemed uncomfortable..but he still ended up with the rose.  Much to the others dismay.

The final one on one date was with Ryan, who was soo super excited for his first one on one. Okay.... let me just say that if he's waited this long for a one on one date.. probably not any chemistry going on there.  All the guys viewed Ryan as a frontrunner..I didn't because I knew if he was a frontrunner he'd already had a date with her.  Ryan is so perky and hopping around like a 10 year old walking into Disneyworld.  They sit down to a picnic and the conversation turns to taking care of the environment (keep in mind, Ryan is a solar energy executive).  So Ryan just goes on and on about water heaters and how every home needs a tankless one.  You can tell Ashley is super bored.  Finally she tells him it's very hard for her to say this because she respects him so much, she has to send him home.  She doesn't want to put him through a rose ceremony because she cares for him but she just doesn't feel the connection that she should feel before meeting his family.  Ryan is for the first time, speechless.  You can tell how broken he is. 

Ashley decides not to have a cocktail party and goes immediately to the rose ceremony, sending Lucas home.  Probably for the best.

Chris Harrison sat down with Emily Maynard to discuss her breakup with Brad Womack.  This makes me sad..and what is even sadder to me is that they still love each other, still care and respect each other.  But I think the media played a huge part in it not being able to work because they constantly hounded the two of them, printing rumors stirring up trouble.  Emily was very emotional throughout the whole interview but basically told everyone she wanted to be left alone and that is why she was coming out.  Good for you Emily! I for one stand behind you 110%!