Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 2

Episode Two

Vegas Baby!!!! This week Ashley stays in Vegas and those lucky few who get a date get to fly out to join her!

First up is William.. the cell phone salesman (I can't help but giggle..).. lucky him for getting the first one on one date. ALL the guys are jealous.. Ashley picks him up in a really nice car and they head to the airport where they hop on a private jet bound for Vegas.  Ashley is getting the celebrity treatment since this is the most talked about season of The Bachelorette EVER!  Their date consists of everything an almost-happily wedded couple gets to do...cake testing, ring shopping..and finally.. the wedding chapel!! William passes the test of being a good sport and says "I do" in front of the minister!! Of course, Ashley isn't ready for a legally binded union and instead they kiss and head out for who knows what else.  Later on in the evening....the lucky pair gets to dine out on an island in the Bellagio Fountains.. ABC must have paid big bucks to be able to do that.  William talks about his father passing away and they have a connection..then the fountains go off.  Very surreal! (He gets the rose)

Onto the group date.. Constantine, Ryan M, Chris, Ben F, Nick, Bentley, West, Lucas, Stephen, Blake, Matt and Ames head off to Vegas for the group date and are stunned to learn they are to be seperated into two groups and challenged to a "dance off."  The lucky half dozen who win will get to stay and perform in that evening's Jabowackeez show.  The other six get shipped back off to LA (flying Southwest no less..poor guys).  At a cocktail party after the show, West reveals his wife's death during his one on one time with Ashley and Bentley tells us at home that Ashley isn't his type but acts completely differently with her.  He ends up with the rose from the group date.

Love is a gamble so now it's up to a coin toss between Mickey & JP to see who gets the next one on one date in Vegas with Ashley.  Mickey (the hottie) wins and off he goes.. the coin flips go into the whole date determining everything they do.  He shares with Ashley how his mother had passed away.  He ends up with the rose as well.

At the Rose Ceremony, JP steals Ashley away right from the get-go to flip a (doublesided) coin to get a kiss..Nick's one on one time is spent teaching Ashley how to line dance and is quickly interrupted by William (who already has a rose), which puts an instant target on his back. The guys are now calling him "Ding-Dong"..hehe :)  "Zorro" (Jeff)((who has been wearing his mask for a week now..even in the house which the guys hate)) sits down with Ashley and shares with her how he had a brain hemmorage and nearly lost his life..He is five seconds away from taking his mask off when he gets interrupted by Matt.  Bentley (who continues telling us one on one that he doesn't like Ashley and is only in it for the competition) carries Ashley to the fireplace and they have a little make out session (which he says is boring). Ashley tells us one on one that she has a keen eye for geninue people.  Hey Ashley, your radar is off honey.

These are the guys who made off with a rose:

Ben C
Ben F

Ryan P

That means Stephen, Matt and Ryan M are out. 

Until next time.. ~Kacy

The Bachelorette!!! Episode 1

Yes, I am delayed by a week.  :) But I'm here now.. :) Ashley has a great set of guys (except for one, but we'll get to him later).. I'm going to try to compound Episode 1 and Episode 2 into the same blog post.  Ashley looks GREAT.. love the new hair color and she appears that she's lost some weight.  Also, she's gained a stylist (thank goodness) so her clothes are TDF (to die for)........ :)

Episode One
Ashley starts the episode sitting down with Chris Harrison and spilling to him that a "friend" of hers (who later turns out to be Michelle Money from last season's The Bachelor) let her know about a guy named Bentley who is there for the wrong reasons.  She tells Chris that she is going into that relationship with her guard up and "hopes he isn't that cute"..Let's go in order of who gets out of the limo..

Ryan P - a solar energy exec from California..he's a dead ringer for Matthew Morrison (Will Scheuester) from Glee..super cute..super sweet. *like!* (he stays) (GETS THE FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE)

JP - construction guy from New York.. kinda cute.. (he stays)

Ames - likes to travel, kinda looks like a hobbit to me.  (he stays) ((he gave Ashley ballet tickets because she loves to dance))

Ben C. - attorney from New Orleans, LA.. cute.. (he stays)

Benjamin - winemaker from Cali..brings Ashley a bottle of wine for them to share.. sweet..(he stays)

Bentley - divorced Dad from Utah that Ashley was warned about..she of course thinks he's cute..(he unfortuntely stays) ((he also tells us at home he had hoped the Bachelorette would be Emily...))

Anthony - butcher from New Jersey (goes home)

West - attorney from North Carolina.... was previously married for 9 months before his wife was found dead in a bathtub..very sad..he's cute..very sweet (he stays) ((he gave Ashley a broken compass stuck on west to remember him by...cute!))

William - from Ohio, has bad dating history (looks like the guy who played Reese Witherspoon's ex on Sweet Home Alabama) ((he stays))

Jon - from Vancouver..sweeps Ashley off her feet.. (goes home)

Mickey - a chef from Rochester, NY..tries to give Ashley a kiss..he misses of course...but he is ALL KINDS OF CUTE!! (he stays)

Tim - a liquor distributor from NY, he got drunk at the first cocktail party and had to be poured into a limo and taken back to the hotel.. (of course goes home)

Chris D. - sports marketing coordinator from IL (he stays)

Rob - from Michigan.. tells her he doesn't have any crowns in his teeth (he goes home)

Matt - office supply salesman from Maine, he does a handshake with her.. during his one/one time with Ashley he calls his Mom, who gives them advice about the fantasy sweet lol(stays)

Jeff - the masked man (aka Zorro), he decides he wants Ashley to get to know him for his personality and not his looks..so far it's working for him because he stays.. The guys don't care for him though.

Constantine - restaurant owner... ties a string of pink dental floss to Ashley's finger so she'll remember to talk to him later.. (stays)

Nick - personal trainer who has great hair.. recites Ashley a poem..(stays)

Frank - college admissions director.. (goes)

Chris M - from Canada.. construction company CEO.. (goes)

Michael - technology salesman from Rhode Island.. (goes)

Lucas - cute oilfield supply distributor from Texas.. (stays)

Blake - a fellow dentist from Steamboat Springs, CO..they should have lots to talk about..(stays)

Ryan M - construction estimator from MI, he's such a cutie! (stay)

Stephen - the California hair stylist.. has long (obviously flat ironed) hair.. (stays)

See my next post for Episode Two!! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring has Sprung..! :)

So this whole blogging daily thing hasn't quite been working out for me..I keep forgetting to be quite honest.  And also, I get the sense that I only have about 2 readers.. my Mom..and maybe one friend.  I still don't think my husband knows I even have a blog.  That could turn out to be a good thing.. :)

So lets play catch up.. The Bachelorette premieres on May 23rd.. there WILL be updates weekly, trust me.  Maybe not as detailed as The Bachelor posts were.. :) Plus I'm looking forward to it, hope to be watching it every week with a friend over cheese & wine.  Friends & wine tend to make anything more fun. :)

Spring is in the air..the weather is nice.. the grass is growing..and my husband was stuck working 6 days a week 2 days in a row.  So I mowed the yard.. that was an experience.  Maybe if I mowed/weedeated our small yard every single day I'd soon look like a supermodel. Yeah, that isn't happening. :)

Okay I have to plug another blog here.. I have become absolutely addicted to this blog..I follow her on Twitter & on Facebook..she has an amazing and funny personality plus she has the inside scoop to all that is fashion!! Especially on all my favorite shows!! Check out The Possessionista and you will see why I just adore her.  :)

Okay I've run out of brain power so I must run.. hope my 2 readers enjoyed my short post.. :)

Love & huggles...KC