Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Blog!

I created a new blog for all the things I do that I find from Pinterest! I figured if I put it all here, it might take away from what I want this blog to be about.. which is random musings. :)

So please check out my other blog, Pinterest-aholic and save it as a favorite! :)


Spring Wedges!

So you all know I'm a huge fan of The Bachelor franchise right?? I even used to post recaps of previous seasons (before I took a huge hiatus from this thing..).  Anyhoo.. this season with Sean Lowe just wrapped up and I was kind of sad not only because of not getting to see his abs week to week (thank you Dancing with the Stars for bringing him on board) but also because his sister wouldn't be posting weekly updates anymore on her blog! UGH! But I have fallen in love with her blog, Mix and Match Mama, because she not only posts awesome delicious recipes but FASHION.  This girl is obsessed with her wedges!! So am I! I <3 wedges!!!
So inspired by Shay, I am featuring some cute new wedges for Spring.. which I hope to get at least one pair in my closet soon! :)
Enjoy. :)

Jessica Simpson Kriella Wedge - Dillards $98 (love all the fun colors!)
Lucky Brand Cork Wedges - Dillards $79 (not a fan of color but love the lace details!)
Isla Oma Cork Wedges - Dillards $99 (LOVE LOVE LOVE!)
Lucky Brand Riede CutOut Wedge - Dillards $79
Lucky Brand Yulia Wedge - Dillards only has brown & a snake print.I love these in black though!
xoxo - KS

Monday, March 25, 2013

Curling up with a good book....

So I mentioned in my previous post (yes from earlier today) that we are experiencing a cold snap here in Texas before Easter.  So who wants to be outside when it's frigid?? Not me! I'd rather be curled up in front of the electric fireplace reading a good book.

I am honored to personally know a few good authors.. local ones at that!  One in particular is a very good friend of mine, Jeannie Faulkner Barber over at The Pen Temptress.  She is currently promoting her 3rd published book, a fantasy novel with co-author Bernadette Thompson Martin.

While I haven't read the fantasy book and therefore can't yet offer a review (although I'm anxiously awaiting a little free time to sit down and read it), I can tell you about her mystery novel, Taste of Fire.

Taste of Fire is about a female firefighter named Terri Neal who joined the boys' club after being inspired by her late adopted father.  This book is full of twists and turns and jaw-dropping moments with Terri seeking out her biological parents.  According to, "..this task will be far from mundane as it propels Terri down a path of intrigue, romance, and peril. In the innocent shadows of daylight, a lethal stalker and kidnapper lurks. Death approaches ... and someone will soon succumb to the insatiable TASTE OF FIRE!" 

It's available on and also you can download it on your Kindle or Nook! :)

xoxo- KS


Soo... obviously since its been since June that I have written I totally didn't follow up with that June resolution!

Who needs resolutions anyway??

I read a lot of other people's blogs who are totally faithful and I think to myself: "Why can't I stay motivated like these people? Why don't I have enough random crap to talk about?"  I'm sure since I'm no celebrity I won't ever have much of a following on my blog therefore not much to discuss.  These people get asked questions which LEAD to more blog posts.  I answer enough questions in my real life, from people I actually know.

So I guess I will just pretend this blog is a sort of diary.  If one reads it..hey.  If not.. hey.  I really don't care.  I'm calling it stress relief.  Who know maybe some of my random humor can get documented. lol :)

Here's my "Hallelujah it's Spring!" picture, as I sit and type it is 40-50ish outside.. Texas is notorious for experiencing one last cold spell before Easter.  It's like Winter is sticking it's fist out the window threatening.  Yeah yeah we know you are powerful and yet no one likes you. Go away.  I'm ready for my flip flops!!!

I'm also ready for mid-May so I will be done with College Algebra.. pending me actually passing the class.  I have always said I would never use this crap in real life..but I have discovered there are times that I have.  But I want it to be over with.. I hate it.  It's sucking up the fun and joy I normally experience this time of year. 

April will be a busy month, I have a few concerts to attend with my BFF Victoria.  Looking forward to some downtime!

That's all I have to say for now... I will leave you with a funny e-card. :)

xoxo - KS

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Okay okay okay I officially suck... I have NOT kept up with this thing... end of June Resolution: Update blog regularly!!! :)

I'm just lazy..don't judge... :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bachelor Pad!!!!

Oh...Em...Gee..... The drama that will unfold on Monday nights!!!!

I conveniently missed last season of this fun show and if it wasn't for the Jake/Vienna drama, I'd be accidentally missing this season as well.  Basically this is all the Bachelor/Bachelorette rejects coming back to where it all started to battle it out for $250,000.  But to was anyone and everyone that had ever caused drama and made us HATE them.  And all the ones in the house who hates them.... Lemme break down the cast for ya.. :)

Jake Pavelka -- former Bachelor (Season 14)..pilot from Dallas...kind of a self-centered douchebag

Vienna Girardi -- formerly engaged to Jake Pavelka...tends to stare at something random above the camera during her one on one time...drama queen...I lovingly refer to her as "Vienna Sausage"

Kasey Kahl -- one of Ali's rejects from her season.. total D-Bag again..Sausage's current BF..he sounds like he's a fruit loop if ya catch my drift.  This is the idiot that got the tattoo and should trademark the "guard and protect her heart" catchphrase.

Michelle Money -- one of Brad's second season rejects..most hated for acting CrAzY during her one on one camera moments.  She's also famous for telling Ashley Hebert about Bentley Williams..and Ashley is famous for not listening...

Gia Allemand -- Gia is another Jake reject that he dumped right after hometown dates.  She was on last season of Bachelor Pad..they must have run out of other people to call since she's back.

Michael Stagliano - from DeAnna's season of Bachelorette..was engaged to fellow BP contestant Holly Durst and she broke it there's his drama factor.

Holly Durst -- from Matt's of The Bachelor..was engaged to Michael Stagliano and ended it after getting cold feet. 

Melissa Scrieber -- one of Brad's rejects who is famous for getting into an argument with another contestant during the 2nd or 3rd cocktail party.  She cries a lot and apparently hasn't grown out of that due to the preview.

Kirk DeWindt - from Ali's season of Bachelorette.. he's the one who's dad is the freaked Ali out and she dumped him.

Ella Nolan - from Jake's season (boy he has a lot of exes in this house!)..the really gorgeous single mom who Jake stupidely dumped during a two on one date.  She was recently engaged and called it off and is now single & ready to mingle.

Erica Rose - the one who calls herself "the Princess".. sounds like a drunk Grandma most of the time.. she as on Prince Lorenzo's season..expecting maids in the house & everything...

Graham Bunn -- famously known as the heartbreaker from DeAnna's season who didn't have the same feelings for her as she did for him.

Jackie Gordan - from Brad's season..she famously told off Michelle Money on the Women Tell All..and now there is a feud between them. She was the one who wasn't scared to say the truth!

Justin "Rated-R" Rego - before Bentley he was the worst villian in Bachelor history.  Came onto the show having a girlfriend and she called Ali who then called him out in front of everyone.

And now we have...Ashley's Rejects!!!!

William Holman -- the idiot who trashed Ashley and "expected Shawntel or Emily" during the comedy roast

Ames Brown -- dumped after hometown dates.. he is the one who is very robotic..

Blake Julian -- fellow dentist.. never got a one on one date with Ashley and wasn't too happy when Bentley showed back up in Hong Kong

If you've been keeping count, that is 18 crazy people.  Wow....

I'll be back with another post soon about the 1st episode breakdown... :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 8 Recap

Ahhh...hometown dates!!! This is one of my favorite times every season.. a chance to see where the guys came from!!  Let's get right to it...

First up Ashley heads to Cumming, GA to Constantine's hometown.  According to Ashley's blog, she felt he was immediately a happier, changed man being back home.  They went to his family's restaurant and all of the waitresses fawned all over them.  Ashley made a homemade pizza with Constantine's help and then they went and sat outside and drank wine.  Wonder if they felt the six pair of eyes on them? Haha  Then they headed over to his parent's home to meet his sister and parents.  Everyone was really nice and warm.  Later on the entire family joined and it became a dancing party, since Constantine is Greek. 

Next up is Ames.. Ashley headed to Pennsylvania.  Did ANYONE besides me notice that Ame's boxers were hanging out of his pants pretty much the WHOLE time?? Now we know he's a boxers kind of guy.  But geez, GET A BELT!!! lol Ames looks a whole lot alike his family.  And they all must resemble his Dad because his Mom doesn't have the weird bug eye look that the rest of them have.   Ashley sits down with his sister, Serena, who pretty much hits the nail on the head by saying they don't really have much spark.  I think Ashley has kept Ames around for so long because she's intrigued by him.  But not because they have this passionate spark that she can't ignore.  I've been begging her for weeks to let him go.  Serena tells Ashley about how romantic Ames is..which he's been telling Ashley for weeks that he is but hasnt' really shown it. Well they leave his family early to go on a carriage ride and picnic under a magnolia tree.  A collective "awww".. :)

Back across the continent to Sonoma, California to see Ben.  I like Ben!!! He's so cute for her.  They go to his winery and test out some of the wine.  They have a picnic and talk about Ben's family.  Ashley states on her blog that she expected Ben's family to be loud and funny but they were quite the opposite. Ben's mom reminded Ashley of "Coco Chanel".. she was very sophisticated.  You can clearly see that Ben's dad's death is still very fresh for them.  I think Ashley fell in love with Ben.

Last but not least, Ashley heads to Long Island, New York to see JP.  JP had planned an elaborate date outside, but rain was in the forecast so on the fly, he took her to a roller skating rink.  It was pretty cool and reminded both of them of middle school.  JP's family was really sweet and were all concerned about JP getting his heart broken because the last girlfriend he had brought home had done that to him.  Ashley felt she could fit right in.

I think Ashley's decision was pretty easy this week.. she had more feelings developed for everyone else except for Ames.  I think Ames was very surprised..he didn't know how to act.  Poor thing...I really felt sorry for him!  Next week they are off to Fiji on Fantasty Dates....and I will be out of town so no blog for me!! :)