Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bachelor Pad!!!!

Oh...Em...Gee..... The drama that will unfold on Monday nights!!!!

I conveniently missed last season of this fun show and if it wasn't for the Jake/Vienna drama, I'd be accidentally missing this season as well.  Basically this is all the Bachelor/Bachelorette rejects coming back to where it all started to battle it out for $250,000.  But to me..it was anyone and everyone that had ever caused drama and made us HATE them.  And all the ones in the house who hates them.... Lemme break down the cast for ya.. :)

Jake Pavelka -- former Bachelor (Season 14)..pilot from Dallas...kind of a self-centered douchebag

Vienna Girardi -- formerly engaged to Jake Pavelka...tends to stare at something random above the camera during her one on one time...drama queen...I lovingly refer to her as "Vienna Sausage"

Kasey Kahl -- one of Ali's rejects from her season.. total D-Bag again..Sausage's current BF..he sounds like he's a fruit loop if ya catch my drift.  This is the idiot that got the tattoo and should trademark the "guard and protect her heart" catchphrase.

Michelle Money -- one of Brad's second season rejects..most hated for acting CrAzY during her one on one camera moments.  She's also famous for telling Ashley Hebert about Bentley Williams..and Ashley is famous for not listening...

Gia Allemand -- Gia is another Jake reject that he dumped right after hometown dates.  She was on last season of Bachelor Pad..they must have run out of other people to call since she's back.

Michael Stagliano - from DeAnna's season of Bachelorette..was engaged to fellow BP contestant Holly Durst and she broke it off...so there's his drama factor.

Holly Durst -- from Matt's of The Bachelor..was engaged to Michael Stagliano and ended it after getting cold feet. 

Melissa Scrieber -- one of Brad's rejects who is famous for getting into an argument with another contestant during the 2nd or 3rd cocktail party.  She cries a lot and apparently hasn't grown out of that due to the preview.

Kirk DeWindt - from Ali's season of Bachelorette.. he's the one who's dad is the taxidermist..it freaked Ali out and she dumped him.

Ella Nolan - from Jake's season (boy he has a lot of exes in this house!)..the really gorgeous single mom who Jake stupidely dumped during a two on one date.  She was recently engaged and called it off and is now single & ready to mingle.

Erica Rose - the one who calls herself "the Princess".. sounds like a drunk Grandma most of the time.. she as on Prince Lorenzo's season..expecting maids in the house & everything...

Graham Bunn -- famously known as the heartbreaker from DeAnna's season who didn't have the same feelings for her as she did for him.

Jackie Gordan - from Brad's season..she famously told off Michelle Money on the Women Tell All..and now there is a feud between them. She was the one who wasn't scared to say the truth!

Justin "Rated-R" Rego - before Bentley he was the worst villian in Bachelor history.  Came onto the show having a girlfriend and she called Ali who then called him out in front of everyone.

And now we have...Ashley's Rejects!!!!

William Holman -- the idiot who trashed Ashley and "expected Shawntel or Emily" during the comedy roast

Ames Brown -- dumped after hometown dates.. he is the one who is very robotic..

Blake Julian -- fellow dentist.. never got a one on one date with Ashley and wasn't too happy when Bentley showed back up in Hong Kong

If you've been keeping count, that is 18 crazy people.  Wow....

I'll be back with another post soon about the 1st episode breakdown... :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 8 Recap

Ahhh...hometown dates!!! This is one of my favorite times every season.. a chance to see where the guys came from!!  Let's get right to it...

First up Ashley heads to Cumming, GA to Constantine's hometown.  According to Ashley's People.com blog, she felt he was immediately a happier, changed man being back home.  They went to his family's restaurant and all of the waitresses fawned all over them.  Ashley made a homemade pizza with Constantine's help and then they went and sat outside and drank wine.  Wonder if they felt the six pair of eyes on them? Haha  Then they headed over to his parent's home to meet his sister and parents.  Everyone was really nice and warm.  Later on the entire family joined and it became a dancing party, since Constantine is Greek. 

Next up is Ames.. Ashley headed to Pennsylvania.  Did ANYONE besides me notice that Ame's boxers were hanging out of his pants pretty much the WHOLE time?? Now we know he's a boxers kind of guy.  But geez, GET A BELT!!! lol Ames looks a whole lot alike his family.  And they all must resemble his Dad because his Mom doesn't have the weird bug eye look that the rest of them have.   Ashley sits down with his sister, Serena, who pretty much hits the nail on the head by saying they don't really have much spark.  I think Ashley has kept Ames around for so long because she's intrigued by him.  But not because they have this passionate spark that she can't ignore.  I've been begging her for weeks to let him go.  Serena tells Ashley about how romantic Ames is..which he's been telling Ashley for weeks that he is but hasnt' really shown it. Well they leave his family early to go on a carriage ride and picnic under a magnolia tree.  A collective "awww".. :)

Back across the continent to Sonoma, California to see Ben.  I like Ben!!! He's so cute for her.  They go to his winery and test out some of the wine.  They have a picnic and talk about Ben's family.  Ashley states on her blog that she expected Ben's family to be loud and funny but they were quite the opposite. Ben's mom reminded Ashley of "Coco Chanel".. she was very sophisticated.  You can clearly see that Ben's dad's death is still very fresh for them.  I think Ashley fell in love with Ben.

Last but not least, Ashley heads to Long Island, New York to see JP.  JP had planned an elaborate date outside, but rain was in the forecast so on the fly, he took her to a roller skating rink.  It was pretty cool and reminded both of them of middle school.  JP's family was really sweet and were all concerned about JP getting his heart broken because the last girlfriend he had brought home had done that to him.  Ashley felt she could fit right in.

I think Ashley's decision was pretty easy this week.. she had more feelings developed for everyone else except for Ames.  I think Ames was very surprised..he didn't know how to act.  Poor thing...I really felt sorry for him!  Next week they are off to Fiji on Fantasty Dates....and I will be out of town so no blog for me!! :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 7

I really missed not getting to watch a new episode last week due to July 4th!  So welcome back! :) This episode takes us to Tai Pai, Taiwan in the final big destination before hometown dates.  Chris tells the guys that there will be 3 one on one dates this week with no roses and one group date with a rose.

Constantine gets the first one on one date and they hop on a steam train off to a village.  After getting to the village we see people drawing on these big red lanterns..it's a way to get your wishes to come true. So Ashley & Constantine draw on their "love lantern" all sorts of things.  I must go ahead and tell this.. they left this part out of the main episode and put it at the end as an outtake.  After completing their lantern and walking through the village, they decide to take a break and sit on a park bench.  Constantine sits the lantern down (keep in mind, this thing is huge) and sits on the other side of Ashley.  Ashley sees a dog walking by and is talking to it....the dog walks up to the lantern, hikes his leg, relieves himself, and walks off.  I couldn't contain my laughter!! It was hilarious!!  Anyway.. they ended the night with dinner & a kiss and lit their lantern and released it..then they kissed again..after they came up for air the night sky was filled with lanterns...it was truly a romantic scene.  I think Ashley & Constantine took a big step in their relationship on this date. 

The next one on one date goes to Ben (Constantine's twin! lol).  They hop on a scooter and rode around town..it was quite romantic.  Ben was able to see Ashley as his wife and really desired to take her home to meet his family.  You can tell they have a lot of chemistry and Ashley is really taken by him.  Ben is falling in love and tells Ashley that it takes a lot for him to say the "L-Bomb"... so maybe next week? We'll see! I truly didn't expect to see this guy make it so far!

Right before the group date, JP looked p-od.  Maybe because Ben was STILL out with Ashley the next morning.  Talk about man-drama!  JP wouldn't even talk to anyone about it.  Time for the group date..and again I say..Ashley sucks at picking group date activities.  This activity consisted of taking wedding photos.  Lucas, Ames & JP had to dress up in whatever outfit Ashley had picked for them.  Lucas was in a traditional kimono (what he called a dress, what Ashley called a long shirt), Ames looked like a "cross between an ostrich & Elton John" according to JP (which in my opinion it fit in and his quirkyness perfectly), and JP was in the traditional tuxedo.  Lucas & Ames both took their pictures with Ashley first and both of them kissed for the camera and you could see JP getting more and more uncomfortable.  He couldn't even enjoy when it was his time to take pictures with Ashley.  Which is too bad because Ashley looked better than she ever has.  Her dress was magnificent.  During the cocktail hour later on, Lucas kind of whines about having to be the one to wear the kimono (which Ashley had earlier stated he was more traditional so she put him in the traditional outfit for the culture).  Lucas has no problem telling Ashley how he really feels about the situation at any given time.  Ames talked about Ashley meeting his family..and JP still seemed uncomfortable..but he still ended up with the rose.  Much to the others dismay.

The final one on one date was with Ryan, who was soo super excited for his first one on one. Okay.... let me just say that if he's waited this long for a one on one date.. probably not any chemistry going on there.  All the guys viewed Ryan as a frontrunner..I didn't because I knew if he was a frontrunner he'd already had a date with her.  Ryan is so perky and hopping around like a 10 year old walking into Disneyworld.  They sit down to a picnic and the conversation turns to taking care of the environment (keep in mind, Ryan is a solar energy executive).  So Ryan just goes on and on about water heaters and how every home needs a tankless one.  You can tell Ashley is super bored.  Finally she tells him it's very hard for her to say this because she respects him so much, she has to send him home.  She doesn't want to put him through a rose ceremony because she cares for him but she just doesn't feel the connection that she should feel before meeting his family.  Ryan is for the first time, speechless.  You can tell how broken he is. 

Ashley decides not to have a cocktail party and goes immediately to the rose ceremony, sending Lucas home.  Probably for the best.

Chris Harrison sat down with Emily Maynard to discuss her breakup with Brad Womack.  This makes me sad..and what is even sadder to me is that they still love each other, still care and respect each other.  But I think the media played a huge part in it not being able to work because they constantly hounded the two of them, printing rumors stirring up trouble.  Emily was very emotional throughout the whole interview but basically told everyone she wanted to be left alone and that is why she was coming out.  Good for you Emily! I for one stand behind you 110%!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 6

Finally. The episode we've all been waiting for. When the B-word goes from Bentley to BLEEP!!!  Everyone is in Hong Kong and by everyone, I'm including Bentley.  At the beginning of this episode, Chris Harrison swings by Ashley's hotel room to let her know Bentley "flew halfway around the world" to see her.  Finally..Chris tells her to not let Bentley be "so vague."  Hey Chris, is that your way of actually telling her Bentley is a douche-deluxe?? Ashley heads down to B's room and hesitates at the door... dramatically.  Took her long enough to finally suck it up and knock.  And OMG.. the idiot on the other side of the door says "Who is it?"  Really B?? I think I would have answered with "Emily" just to throw him for a loop.  Instead sweet Ashley answers "It's me" and he opens the door and she jumps in his arms and practically rapes him for a kiss.  He's of course reluctant because as we all know, he has no chemistry with her in reality.  I honestly have to say after reading Reality Steve's blog last week, I wasn't expecting much from this showdown. They sit on the sofa in front of the massive walls of windows overlooking the city (what a backdrop!).  Ashley inquires about Cozy, B's daughter who he "missed so much" and he hangs his head and mumbles that she's fine.  Red flag #1.  He tells Ashley "they are on the same page" and that it's "hard to know if they're relationship is over forever."  Ashley pleads with him about it not being fair to her.  (Hello Ashley, he left the show.. obviously he didn't want to pursue it too terribly bad.)  Ashley continues:  "I have a gut feeling about you... I don't know why you came into my life. Maybe it was for me to teach you something, or maybe it's for me to learn from you, but maybe it's to be together." Bentley finally decides to stop with the games and states that since he's home, it doesn't look good for them.  Duh.  He also suggests she pursues the relationships she has growing.  FINALLY.. Ashley gets this look of realization on her face and lashes out at him...and I quote:  "If you came here for the same reasons Michelle Money told me, then you would run with that and have fun, and leave me with the dot-dot-dot, and leave me with, like, me wanting you -- and you know what? Mission accomplished. If that's what you wanted, mission a-f---ing-complished. But I thought that you respected me enough as a human being to give me the closure that I needed if you were going to leave me at that point. And you didn't, and it sucked." And instead of just walking out and leaving him with this..she keeps sitting there..telling him he should have just called instead of flying halfway around the world to be a total d-bag.   Okay enough with the Bleepin B-Word... moving on!!!! :)

Ashley has a one on one date with Lucas, the guy from Odessa, TX.  I like Lucas only because he's almost a hometown boy for me since I was born in Midland (the neighboring city of Odessa) but he's kind of squirrelly.  They walk through the street markets of Hong Kong and she asks a lot of questions since she hasn't really spent much time with him since the show began.  He admits he's divorced and it was the hardest thing he'd ever went through.  They have dinner, he gets the rose and he asks for a kiss which she gives him. 

Group date (I'm moving pretty quick here) was with Blake, Ben, Ames, Constantine, Ryan & Mickey.  They are divided into teams of two and have to go find locals to be on their dragon boat race team.  Long dramatic story short, Mickey & Ames win the trophy and they all witness a couple get engaged on the beach as they sit there sweating it out.  Later on at dinner/party.. Ames "kidnaps" Ashley and they go to an elevator and make out.  He made the first move and was on her like white on rice, which she was pleasantly surprised.  When Ryan (happy happy) gets his one on one time, all the guys are talking about him behind his back.  No one really likes him except for Ashley.  He ends up with the rose. 

Next one on one date is JP.  Okay I like JP, but to me it isn't fair that he's getting a 2nd one on one date when there are other guys who haven't had one at all.  Oh well.  I can't remember what they did other than Ashley telling him at dinner about her visitor earlier in the week.  He's cool with it, understanding and it gives her the courage to tell the other guys at the cocktail party.. .Can we say FAIL?

This is one cocktail party that was a disaster before it really ever began.  When Ashley tells the guys about Bentley coming to Hong Kong because she "had fallen hard for him and needed closure since he had left," some of the guys got really upset and felt like they were competing with yet another guy.  Of course, Ryan, Ames, JP & Ben were totally fine with it.  Constantine is the first to break the awkward silence and scolds Ashley for telling him on their date that she had "let go" of her previous relationships... Ooopsie.  Before she can even try to respond, Lucas (who btw already has a guaranteed spot to next week) asks her why she didn't do this earlier, since they'd already been to 3 different places since Bentley left.  So yeah, that's pretty screwed up. Ashley tries to explain that it was gradual..but let's be real.  It wasn't! Blake repeats what she said about "falling" for Bentley.. in disbelief.  Cue Ashley's exit to stage left.  Cue the sensitive guys to comfort her.  Eventually, Ashley makes the rounds to all the guys to let them vent to her about their feelings.  Blake brings her to tears and Mickey begs her to send him home.  She obviously doesn't want to do it so he does it for her.  (this makes me sad, I really liked him.  Mickey for the next Bachelor!)  Finally we get to the rose ceremony... Blake is sent home.  Poor guy. I really liked him!!!

Maybe next week we can get back to the task at hand..finding her a husband.  Now that she realizes how much time she wasted.    We see a preview telling us Ashley will still have heartbreak.. *sigh*  This has to be the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette. Ever.

Till next time.. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 5 Recap

I must start out and say I screamed at my TV for most of this episode hoping Ashley could hear me.  Of course, she didn't.

Ashley went on a one on one date with Ben F. the winemaker from California.  Last week they had some chemistry during the group date.  They went shopping through a Thai market and ate Thai cuisine and listened to Thai music.  They seem to find it easy to be with each other and I could see Ben going to the end. (He got a rose BTW.)

This week's group date was horrible.  Ashley, where do you come up with this stuff? All of the guys (minus Ben F., Ben C., and William) went to a hot gym and trained to box.  Then they were given bright colored boxing trucks and gloves and shuttled to a boxing ring out on a town square.  Immediately I knew this wasn't going to end well.  All of the guys went into the ring one on one.  Most of them were pretty fair fights until it came down to Ryan & Ames.  Ames admitted to us he was not a fighter.  In my opinion, he should have just laid down and played dead.  But he gave it his all and Ryan "rung his bell" pretty good, delivering five blows to Ames' head.  When the match was over, Ames was pretty much out of it.  Ashley knew something was wrong, but she kept asking him if he was okay and in his usual fashion he'd say "I'm great."  Ashley finally got producers to take him to the hospital to get checked out.  He ended up having a mild concussion.  Blake the dentist ended up with the group date rose.

This week is the first two on one date and to me it was obvious who was going to be going home.  William and Ben C. were the lucky bachelors.  They met Ashley and took a boat ride to a picnic.  Ashley and William stepped away for some one on one time and William tells Ashley that Ben C. talks about being ready to go home so he can pursue online dating.  I must stop and say that William is a total tool.  He knew which button to push to make Ashley turn against Ben C. and that is exactly what he did.  Ashley is obviously very upset and when they head back to the picnic I fully expect her to pull Ben C. aside to discuss it.  Instead she says the two on one portion of the date is over right now and Ben C. is headed home. When walking him back to his boat ride out of there, you can tell Ben is just completely confused.  Ashley tells him what she heard and he said he did say that but was joking.  I'm sorry but Ashley, you can't believe what someone else always says and it's not right to not ask the other person if what was said about them is true.   I personally think Ashley was looking for a way out of the relationship with Ben C. and she had an out and took it.  Funny thing now though, William thinks he has it in the bag.  At dinner, he and Ashley discuss him being a "30 year old boy" and how he isn't ready to grow up.  Dude, marriage is about growing up and this show is about finding someone to settle down with for life.  What. A. Tool!!!!!  Ashley says goodbye to him and throws the rose into the fire.. Dramatic!!

After the cocktail party, Chris Harrison & Ashley sit down and Chris can tell that Ashley is having a hard time..She just can't get over Bentley.  She basically tells Chris she needs some sort of closure instead of the "dot-dot-dot" Bentley left her with when he left.  Chris tells her he'll work on it and they proceed with the rose ceremony, with everyone sticking around except for Nick the personal trainer.  He was hot but I didn't see anything coming from them.

Next week is supposed to be the most dramatic episode yet..so stay tuned!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 4

Hola! Wait..that is spanish.  What is Thai for HELLO?! I don't know.  Oh well... the guys (and Ashley of course) jetted off to Phuket, Thailand this week! And what a perfect time to get away from LA with all the crap Bentley left behind.  

Constantine scores the first one on one date this week and meets Ashley who is standing in the rain holding an umbrella and telling him they are going to ride a boat to an island.  Not much fun in the sun will be had if there is no sun, am I right?  Right when he gets excited about it, the boat driver says it isn't happening, too big of waves coming in.  What to do now? (did anyone else hear crickets at this point?) They decided to roam the streets of Phuket.  It seems like they have a really nice time together despite what they are doing.  I won't go into all the details but Constantine does score a rose(and a kiss!).

The group date this week was very interesting.. the guys met Ashley at an orphanage and they redid the rooms for the children there.  I was really impressed with this sort of date.  All of the guys really got into it, especially Ben F. (who I keep mistaking for Constantine. One of them needs to change their hair!).  He began painting a beautiful mural on one wall and did a pretty good job despite saying he wasn't an artist.  At the cocktail party later that night, each guy got some one on one time with her. I could tell Ashley was a little bored at times.  Ryan P. seems to be grinding on all the guys nerves, especially when he steals Ashley for just one more minute of one on one time right before she hands the rose out(to Ben F.). 

Ames scored the 2nd one on one date.  He has an odd look about him.. He almost seems snobbish at times.  I'm interested to see how he is on a date with Ashley. Ames shares with Ashley that he is an extremely spontaneous guy.  He decided to come to Thailand for cooking school one night and packed his stuff and was on a plane within hours.  They kayak through caves & caverns and have a small picnic on a deserted beach and talk.  Ashley had been concerned about Ames but after this date can totally see him as husband material.  He ends up with the rose.

Ashley vows this week's cocktail party will be way better than last week's non-cocktail party.  Ashley has a conversation with West and is aware he lost his wife a few years back and questions if he's ready for a relationship.  He assures her he is but I don't think she buys it.  Blake the dentist tells Ryan how he is grating on everyone's nerves because he's constantly happy and he sort of takes it to heart, even telling Ashley about it.  Ashley admits to Chris Harrison that she is still thinking about Bentley.  (I mean, really?!) She requests an extra rose for this rose ceremony because she doesn't want to miss out on a great guy and accidently send him home.  Since there is one extra rose, that means one guy will go home tonight. Who will it be??

WEST.  I liked West but Ashley feels he isn't ready for a relationship and I sort of sense the same thing myself. 

Next week's previews tell us what I have been waiting for..Bentley's return.  It show's Chris Harrison going to Ashley's room and telling her he's back.  I hope that Chris has also been somewhat honest with her about Bad News Bentley.

Until next week.. :)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 3

This was supposed to be the ill-fated episode where Bentley exposes himself and his lies to Ashley.  Did that happen? Heck no.  Thanks ABC for all the editing to make it look like that really happen.  Talk about disappointed!!!!  Okay I'll quit skipping ahead and get right to the juice.   This week there were 2 one on one dates and 1 group date.

Ben C.  got the first one on one date.  He had told Ashley at last week's rose ceremony that if there was ever a "dancing date", he'd love to be a part of it.  Your wish shall be her command.  Ben C. got a pretty awesome date. Ashley taught him some dance moves and then then ended up in a Flash Mob at the Americana by Brand mall.  Far East Movement was performing and it seemed to me that Ben was lost in his own dance for about half of the performance.  In the end, the crowd coaxes them to kiss as the band plays, which is pretty romantic if I do say so myself.

Later on at dinner, Ben C. admits he's always wanted life for he and his future wife to be in an idyllic "bubble."  Ashley calls him a hopeless romantic.  Maybe he's more hopeful than hopeless..guess we will have to see.  Ashley gives him a rose.

The group date this week consists of Bentley, Jeff "Zorro", Lucas, Ryan P., Blake, Jeff, Nick & William.   But before they even leave for the group date (and as soon as Ashley sits down), "Zorro" requests to speak to her privately.  Is this the big reveal? We all wait with baited breath.  He draws it out, finally reveals the mask.  CRICKETS I tell ya!!! You'd have thought he'd looked like a supermodel with all the drama surrounding that mask.  No.  That is so not the case.  Ashley even commented that he looked a little older than she thought he was.  I have a feeling he won't be getting a rose this week. 

The guys pile into a limo and head out to a comedy club where they find out they will be doing a roast of Ashley.  If you have never watched or even heard of a roast, it is basically insulting the honored person with as much love and humor as possible. It is meant to be honest, but funny!  The guys have a little bit of time to write out what they are going to say.  William (who is supposedly the funniest guy in the house) sees this as his big moment in the spotlight.  He knows the other guys are going to be easy on Ashley, but he's watched one too many roasts on Comedy Central and he feels he's the expert on how its done.  Lucas goes first and he is smart, he takes jabs at the other guys and none at Ashley.  Jeff & Nick make jabs at Ashley's small chest.  That is just wrong!! A couple others refer to her as Brad Womack's "leftovers."  William takes the stage and says he thought the Bachelorette was going to be Emily or Shawntel. You can tell the jab really hit a spot with Ashley and even though she hugged him afterwards, she walked off the stage in tears.  Who was there to comfort her?? BENTLEY. With all his fakeness.  He assures her by saying "Hey at least 24 out of 25 guys here are glad its you!" Ashley doesn't see the irony in it like we do..but I'm sure she will as she watches the episode at home.  William realizes his stupidity after the guys tell him what a jerk he came across to be. After the comedy club, Ashley reveals that those jabs really hit her hard and she didn't really appreciate it.  William takes her aside and attempts to apologize and it ends up being very awkward and he decides he's just going to leave.  The cameras show him roaming the streets of LA as the cocktail party continutes without him.  Ashley seems sort of out of it as she has one on one time with the rest of the guys.  Ryan P (the cutie who looks like Matthew Morrison) is the only one who seems to comfort her.  Ashley decides she's going to be honest about the rumors she heard about Bentley and when he's confronted with it, he denies it.  He knows who spread it (Michelle Money) and claims she is not a credible source.  Ashley believes him and snuggles up to him and Bentley seems to think he'll get the group date rose.  Ryan P. ends up with it because he really comforted her.

On that note, Bentley decides to "check out".. he didn't get the group date rose and he's bored and ready to go home and uses his daughter as an excuse. What a skeeze!!!! He tells all the guys goodbye and a few of them tell him he's a good guy (bet they'd really like to kick his rear now!) and then he heads to Ashley's house to talk to her.  Ashley seems surprised that he's there but in my opinion, she had to have known something was happening with the camera crew coming into the house earlier than expected.  JP is getting the one on one date for the night and he's coming over to hang out at the house with her. Bentley hugs and cuddles her before telling her he's leaving and again, uses his daughter as an excuse.  He doesn't end things though (because he knows she's falling for him and he loves messing with her head) so he tells her it's not a period, it's "dot-dot-dot."  What a jerk.  When he leaves, Ashley is completely devastated and goes to bed to cry.  She tells us at home she felt he was the one and she felt at the last ceremony her husband was in the room and now she just doesn't know.  Okay here is my opinion, if she really felt that strongly for him that soon, why hasn't she taken him on a one on one date?? That doesn't make any sense to me!  She has to pull herself together because she has a date tonight.

JP comes over to the house and has flowers for her. It seems to lift her spirits a bit.  They ordered food in and sat by the fireplace and chilled out.  Then they decided to get in their pj's and really get comfortable.  I really like seeing Ashley just totally bare all with a guy.. No I don't mean she took her clothes off. I mean she has her hair up, makeup off, glasses on and she is comfortable.  JP knew she was upset and it was a good thing this was the type of date they had.  He ends up with the rose.

Because Ashley is so emotionally drained, she decides to forgo having a cocktail party before the rose ceremony.  Chris comes in and talks to her for awhile.  Did anyone hear me screaming at the TV for Chris to PLEASE tell her the truth about Bentley?  Chris knew about Bentley's antics.  I feel he should have told her the truth since he knew the truth. He had ample opportunity, he just didn't take it.  According to his blog today, this is not the last we'll see of Bentley.  So see Chris, if you had told Ashley the truth, maybe we wouldn't see Bentley again!! Jus' sayin!!

To quote my friend Kristie during the rose ceremony, "Batman's got to go!"  Yes I agree. Jeff "The Mask", "Zorro", "Batman" needs to go.  I called it when he revealed his face.  Since Bentley left, only two guys are leaving after the rose ceremony and that is Jeff & Chris.  I was really pushing for William to go home (because he never really left the show, just the date)after his antics, but she gave him a rose and he took the opportunity again to apologize.

Next week they are headed to Thailand!!!!! Weeeee!!!!!!!! :)


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 2

Episode Two

Vegas Baby!!!! This week Ashley stays in Vegas and those lucky few who get a date get to fly out to join her!

First up is William.. the cell phone salesman (I can't help but giggle..).. lucky him for getting the first one on one date. ALL the guys are jealous.. Ashley picks him up in a really nice car and they head to the airport where they hop on a private jet bound for Vegas.  Ashley is getting the celebrity treatment since this is the most talked about season of The Bachelorette EVER!  Their date consists of everything an almost-happily wedded couple gets to do...cake testing, ring shopping..and finally.. the wedding chapel!! William passes the test of being a good sport and says "I do" in front of the minister!! Of course, Ashley isn't ready for a legally binded union and instead they kiss and head out for who knows what else.  Later on in the evening....the lucky pair gets to dine out on an island in the Bellagio Fountains.. ABC must have paid big bucks to be able to do that.  William talks about his father passing away and they have a connection..then the fountains go off.  Very surreal! (He gets the rose)

Onto the group date.. Constantine, Ryan M, Chris, Ben F, Nick, Bentley, West, Lucas, Stephen, Blake, Matt and Ames head off to Vegas for the group date and are stunned to learn they are to be seperated into two groups and challenged to a "dance off."  The lucky half dozen who win will get to stay and perform in that evening's Jabowackeez show.  The other six get shipped back off to LA (flying Southwest no less..poor guys).  At a cocktail party after the show, West reveals his wife's death during his one on one time with Ashley and Bentley tells us at home that Ashley isn't his type but acts completely differently with her.  He ends up with the rose from the group date.

Love is a gamble so now it's up to a coin toss between Mickey & JP to see who gets the next one on one date in Vegas with Ashley.  Mickey (the hottie) wins and off he goes.. the coin flips go into the whole date determining everything they do.  He shares with Ashley how his mother had passed away.  He ends up with the rose as well.

At the Rose Ceremony, JP steals Ashley away right from the get-go to flip a (doublesided) coin to get a kiss..Nick's one on one time is spent teaching Ashley how to line dance and is quickly interrupted by William (who already has a rose), which puts an instant target on his back. The guys are now calling him "Ding-Dong"..hehe :)  "Zorro" (Jeff)((who has been wearing his mask for a week now..even in the house which the guys hate)) sits down with Ashley and shares with her how he had a brain hemmorage and nearly lost his life..He is five seconds away from taking his mask off when he gets interrupted by Matt.  Bentley (who continues telling us one on one that he doesn't like Ashley and is only in it for the competition) carries Ashley to the fireplace and they have a little make out session (which he says is boring). Ashley tells us one on one that she has a keen eye for geninue people.  Hey Ashley, your radar is off honey.

These are the guys who made off with a rose:

Ben C
Ben F

Ryan P

That means Stephen, Matt and Ryan M are out. 

Until next time.. ~Kacy

The Bachelorette!!! Episode 1

Yes, I am delayed by a week.  :) But I'm here now.. :) Ashley has a great set of guys (except for one, but we'll get to him later).. I'm going to try to compound Episode 1 and Episode 2 into the same blog post.  Ashley looks GREAT.. love the new hair color and she appears that she's lost some weight.  Also, she's gained a stylist (thank goodness) so her clothes are TDF (to die for)........ :)

Episode One
Ashley starts the episode sitting down with Chris Harrison and spilling to him that a "friend" of hers (who later turns out to be Michelle Money from last season's The Bachelor) let her know about a guy named Bentley who is there for the wrong reasons.  She tells Chris that she is going into that relationship with her guard up and "hopes he isn't that cute"..Let's go in order of who gets out of the limo..

Ryan P - a solar energy exec from California..he's a dead ringer for Matthew Morrison (Will Scheuester) from Glee..super cute..super sweet. *like!* (he stays) (GETS THE FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE)

JP - construction guy from New York.. kinda cute.. (he stays)

Ames - likes to travel, kinda looks like a hobbit to me.  (he stays) ((he gave Ashley ballet tickets because she loves to dance))

Ben C. - attorney from New Orleans, LA.. cute.. (he stays)

Benjamin - winemaker from Cali..brings Ashley a bottle of wine for them to share.. sweet..(he stays)

Bentley - divorced Dad from Utah that Ashley was warned about..she of course thinks he's cute..(he unfortuntely stays) ((he also tells us at home he had hoped the Bachelorette would be Emily...))

Anthony - butcher from New Jersey (goes home)

West - attorney from North Carolina.... was previously married for 9 months before his wife was found dead in a bathtub..very sad..he's cute..very sweet (he stays) ((he gave Ashley a broken compass stuck on west to remember him by...cute!))

William - from Ohio, has bad dating history (looks like the guy who played Reese Witherspoon's ex on Sweet Home Alabama) ((he stays))

Jon - from Vancouver..sweeps Ashley off her feet.. (goes home)

Mickey - a chef from Rochester, NY..tries to give Ashley a kiss..he misses of course...but he is ALL KINDS OF CUTE!! (he stays)

Tim - a liquor distributor from NY, he got drunk at the first cocktail party and had to be poured into a limo and taken back to the hotel.. (of course goes home)

Chris D. - sports marketing coordinator from IL (he stays)

Rob - from Michigan.. tells her he doesn't have any crowns in his teeth (he goes home)

Matt - office supply salesman from Maine, he does a handshake with her.. during his one/one time with Ashley he calls his Mom, who gives them advice about the fantasy sweet lol(stays)

Jeff - the masked man (aka Zorro), he decides he wants Ashley to get to know him for his personality and not his looks..so far it's working for him because he stays.. The guys don't care for him though.

Constantine - restaurant owner... ties a string of pink dental floss to Ashley's finger so she'll remember to talk to him later.. (stays)

Nick - personal trainer who has great hair.. recites Ashley a poem..(stays)

Frank - college admissions director.. (goes)

Chris M - from Canada.. construction company CEO.. (goes)

Michael - technology salesman from Rhode Island.. (goes)

Lucas - cute oilfield supply distributor from Texas.. (stays)

Blake - a fellow dentist from Steamboat Springs, CO..they should have lots to talk about..(stays)

Ryan M - construction estimator from MI, he's such a cutie! (stay)

Stephen - the California hair stylist.. has long (obviously flat ironed) hair.. (stays)

See my next post for Episode Two!! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring has Sprung..! :)

So this whole blogging daily thing hasn't quite been working out for me..I keep forgetting to be quite honest.  And also, I get the sense that I only have about 2 readers.. my Mom..and maybe one friend.  I still don't think my husband knows I even have a blog.  That could turn out to be a good thing.. :)

So lets play catch up.. The Bachelorette premieres on May 23rd.. there WILL be updates weekly, trust me.  Maybe not as detailed as The Bachelor posts were.. :) Plus I'm looking forward to it, hope to be watching it every week with a friend over cheese & wine.  Friends & wine tend to make anything more fun. :)

Spring is in the air..the weather is nice.. the grass is growing..and my husband was stuck working 6 days a week 2 days in a row.  So I mowed the yard.. that was an experience.  Maybe if I mowed/weedeated our small yard every single day I'd soon look like a supermodel. Yeah, that isn't happening. :)

Okay I have to plug another blog here.. I have become absolutely addicted to this blog..I follow her on Twitter & on Facebook..she has an amazing and funny personality plus she has the inside scoop to all that is fashion!! Especially on all my favorite shows!! Check out The Possessionista and you will see why I just adore her.  :)

Okay I've run out of brain power so I must run.. hope my 2 readers enjoyed my short post.. :)

Love & huggles...KC

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Steve Madden "Grooom"

Normally I'm not a "flat sandal" kind of girl..but these are the CUTEST sandals I think I've ever set my eyes on!!! So cute that my local Dillards is OUT of them.  How dare they? So I am on the hunt for them...if you find them anywhere..tell me!! Please!!!! :)

Steve Madden  "Grooom" $79.95

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slacker..! :)

O M G...
Has it really been over a month since I've posted?? I guess since The Bachelor picked Emily & we watched Leah & Corey get married on the season finale of Teen Mom 2, I don't have much to talk about!! But that surely doesn't mean I'm not watching anything.. are you crrrazy?! :)

My shows right now:

Body of Proof - starring Dana Delaney, the former crazy lady from another fave of mine, Desperate Housewives. I love her character here....especially since I'm a CSI Fan (all the medical mumbo-jumbo and solving crimes).  Tune in on Tuesdays on ABC at 9 pm central..

The Good Wife - another one on Tuesday (my DVR is smoking on Tuesdays), I wasn't sure this one would really last when it started last year but its a fave.. we get to see a different case each week while also watching the main character Alicia Florrick deal with her husband's (Sex & The City's Chris Noth, another reason for loving the show) infedelities and what-nots.. stay tuned, it's starting to get juicy.

Dancing With The Stars - now usually I start strong at the beginning of every season and then slowly slack off on watching..but its the 3rd week and I'm still hanging on.  Especially since Kirstie & Maksim fell last night.. and she still got 8's from the judges.  I like Kirstie..but I like Ralph and Romeo more......

And a short update on life: I just signed up to sell Pampered Chef!!! I am nearly the end of my first 30 days and am trying to reach my goal of $1250 in sales.. I'm very close!! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday Musings..on a Tuesday.

So I have been in a bad mood lately. I am not really sure why.  Don't really have much motivation to clean house but still do it anyway. It isn't my house's fault I'm cranky.  It is just a fact of life.  Am I supposed to have a reason? I didn't think so.

You all must know that I strive to live a drama free life.  I don't like drama, don't like hearing of other people's drama, don't like drama of my own.  The only drama I do like is fiction and it comes from books, movies or television.  With that being said, if you have any drama to cause, please leave my name out of it.  It gets old being brought into crap I prefer to stay out of.  If all else fails, I will ship my family (me, hubby, dogs) off to a deserted island and only communiate via smoke signal.  The way I see it, I am 27 years old and am not in high school anymore.  All the petty childish crap remains in the walls of high school, not out in the open world of adulthood.  This is just my opinion and since it's my blog, I get to express my opinion.  If ya don't like it, click the 'x' at the top right hand corner of the screen..

Back to the housework..most who know me and have been in my home know I am a lazy housekeeper.  I'd rather come home and park it in front of the TV than spend my freetime sweeping and moping and dusting and yada yada yada.  I discovered a website about 2 years ago that is slowly changing my approach on housework.  Granted, 2 years ago it didn't work, a year ago it didn't work, NOW it works.  It only works when actually applied.  Flylady is the name of it and Flylady is an actual person believe it or not. She encourages instilling daily habits and doing all your housework Monday-Friday and spending time with family on the weekends.  This sounds good to me since most of my weekends are filled with social events.  Flylady also encourages doing laundry on a daily basis and setting a timer for 15 minutes and seeing what you can accomplish.  Seriously, it is amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes.  Anything you can do to eliminate CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome), which is something that has been in my entire adult life.  Check out the website, even if you are a neat freak you will find ideas and things you can follow. I have started becoming OCD and germaphobic about cleaning!  Flylady's Website

Speaking of TV.. OMGosh one of my FAVORITE shows is coming back! Army Wives on Lifetime! I LOVE this show!!! Check out the premier of Season 5 this Sunday at 9/8 pm Central! :)

Guess this is all for now.. hope everyone has a great 1st week of March! :)


Playing catchup on my days..

Okay so I am running behind.  I am human, so sue me.

Day 4- A picture of your night ~ I'm not exactly sure what this means so I'm going to pass on this one..

Day 5- A picture of your favorite memory
Me, Kim & Nikki

My favorite memory comes from when I was 15 years old and I went to Memphis, TN to meet and spend the week with my sister, Kim, whom I had never met. It's quite a complicated story and would love to tell it face to face. :)

Day 6-A picture of the person you would like to trade places with for a day
Carrie Underwood

I just love her, she is so stinkin' talented it is unreal! I would love to vocally be her!!! Plus it would be kinda cool to attempt being her for a day. She seems to sweet and down to earth and not at all sucked in by Hollywood.  I mean Nashville.

Day 7- A picture of your most treasured item

This would have to be my wedding ring! Only because it means so much to me and is a daily reminder of the vows I shared with the man I love! :)

Day 8- A picture that makes you laugh


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 3 ~ Cast of your Favorite Show

Okay I've already previously admitted to watching a lot of TV. So I'm only choosing ONE photo.. but I will list other favorite shows as well. :)

  • Glee
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Private Practice
  • The Bachelor (or Bachelorette)
  • Castle
  • Desperate Housewives
  • American Idol
  • Biggest Loser (sometimes)
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter
  • Billy the Exterminator
  • 16 & Pregnant
  • Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2
  • I Used To Be Fat (MTV)
  • Secret Life of the American Teenager
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  • ...and I'm sure I'll think of more after I post this list.. :)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bachelor Mini-Recap Episode 8

It's finally time for Hometown Dates!! Brad will visit the hometowns of Ashley, Chantal, Shawntel & Emily!

Brad started in Seattle, WA to see Chantal and her family. It's actually a beautiful day for a city known for constant rainstorms. Chantal basically tells Brad if he doesn't score well with the 'rents, then it's hit the road jack. Chantal takes him to her home first and she lives in a really nice house with her Pomeranian, Boca (Lucy's cousin!) and two cats. They visit on the couch for awhile and then head over to her parent's mansion. Apparently the car business is working out well for Chantal's family. Wow. What a beautiful home. Chantal's Mom is beautiful and Brad and her Dad have so much in common it is scary. I can totally see Brad becoming a part of this family. Chantal's Dad gives Brad his blessing and all is well.

Brad then heads to Maine to visit Ashley and her family. The little town she is from is real close to the Canadian border so most people around there speak french. Ashley takes Brad to a little cafe where she used to work and they eat one of her favorite dishes (the name has escaped me) that consists of french fries with brown gravy and cheese on it. Sounds pretty good to me. Then they head out to "grab dinner", buying lobster and veggies (at a roadside stand) along the way. Ashley doesn't look like any of her family (weird) but she completely lets go and is herself. Brad and her Dad have a good talk but I don't see Brad fitting in here. Even Ashley said to her sister if he proposed she'd not accept because she would want to get to know him first.

Back across the country to Chico, CA to where Shawntel lives. Brad is dropped off at a funeral home..creepy! We all remember though Shawntel is a funeral director in the family business. She gives Brad an up close and personal tour of the facility, including him laying on the embalming table and hearing all about that process. Yeah Shawntel, way to get to a man's heart!! Afterwards they head over to her parents house and again, I just don't see a fit here. Shawntel's Dad is expecting her to take over the business when he decides to retire which isn't too far down the road and he's none too happy to learn that Brad resides in Austin, TX and if they were to marry, she'd go with him. This warrants a father/daughter talk which basically makes me feel like even if Brad wants Shawntel to marry him, she'd get a guilt trip from her father about staying in Chico. Brad gets this impression, especially since he's awkwardly left to visit with her Mom & sisters. When Brad is ready to leave, Shawntel opens up and tells him she's falling in love with him. This is always an awkward moment.

Brad heads back across the country to Charlotte, NC where Emily lives. Emily meets her daughter in park and as expected, little Ricki is a mini-me version of her mother. So cute! Emily tells Ricki "Mommy has a friend named Mr. Brad coming to hang out with them today." Brad comes to the park carrying a long pink wrapped gift. Ricki hides behind her Mom and is very shy, not interested in Brad at all. Turns out the present is a butterfly kite and the three enjoy flying it in the park. Ricki finally opens up and they enjoy their day as a "family". Brad goes with them back to Emily's house, which is GORGEOUS. She has great taste both in clothes and furnishings. The trio spends the evening eating dinner and playing board games. Once Ricki is in bed, Emily & Brad take refuge on the couch and Emily wants Brad to kiss her but he basically tells her he feels weird about it with her daughter upstairs. Emily tells him if this works out, she'll always be upstairs sleeping so he'll need to get over that. He feels awkward and ends up getting up to leave.. she gets her kiss before he leaves. *sigh*

Everyone heads up to NYC for the rose ceremony.. Shawntel is the one going home. I think Brad got the vibe she's expected to take over the business and it's the reason he's letting her go. He tells her the reason is because when she told him she loved him, he didn't feel the way a man should when he is told that. Valid excuse. Until next week.. they are headed to South Africa!!! :)


30 Days of Me ~ Day 2

Day 2 - A picture of you with the person you've been closest to the longest.

HAS to be my Mom. She's always been there for me and as I've become an adult, I've been there for her. We have a great mother/daughter relationship and I can't imagine life without her. I love you Momma! :)

PS I know its not the best picture.. we were riding one of those taxi-cart thingys in NYC and she was looking into the distance at the buildings.. lol


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 Days of Me ~ Day 1

Ten Facts

1 - I LOVE to sing.. karaoke, church, in the car, in the shower, whatever. You WILL hear me singing along if its one of my favorite songs.. Just bound to happen. :)

2 - I'm on my 2nd marriage.. it's not something I'm super proud of but I am proud of myself for seeing a bad situation and knowing it wasn't good for me to continue being in. Jeff and I have had our bad moments, it's been hard, but I can honestly say where we are now, it's perfect. :)

3 - I love animals.. but some animals do scare me. Bigger dogs that I don't know very well, anything that looks rabid.

4 - I tend to immerse myself in celebrity gossip and fashion. I always wanted to be a celebrity and if I could afford to, I'd dress like one.

5 - I love doing artsy-fartsy stuff. Being creative is fun to me. This comes from 2 weeks every summer with a super talented, crafty Grandma. We'd always find something to sew or paint or make.

6 - I had a bad experience getting my ears pierced when I was 5 which caused me to not have them pierced until September 2010. I have my friend Rita to thank for this who held my hand (impatiently). I am SO GLAD I finally got it done!

7 - I love to be dressed up, hair fixed, bling on all the time. BUT.. I am too lazy to do it every single day. So yes, you will sometimes see me at Walmart with my hair up and no makeup on. Be prepared, it is scary.

8 - You wouldn't have time to listen to the list of all my favorite TV shows. I am way too involved in TV. Last night alone 3 of my favorite shows were on. No, I can't watch them all at once. And now that Netflix has some tv shows on demand, I'm almost useless during Jammy days.

9 - I love to cook and wish I had a gourmet kitchen in which to do so. I hope one day (soon!) when we buy a house I can get a nice size kitchen and become the domestic diva hiding inside.

10 - I love animal print.. zebra, leopard, giraffe. Gift ideas people! :)


30 Days of Me ~ Stolen from Deena

Thanks to my friend, Deena, for this wonderful idea. That means I have to get into a good regular daily routine of blogging...:)

Day 1- A Picture of yourself with 10 facts
Day 2- A picture of you with the person you have been closest with the longest
Day 3- A picture of the cast of your favorite show
Day 4- A picture of your night
Day 5- A picture of your favorite memory
Day 6-A picture of the person you would like to trade places with for a day
Day 7- A picture of your most treasured item
Day 8- A picture that makes you laugh
Day 9- A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most
Day 10- A picture of the person you do the most ****** up things with
Day 11- A picture of something you hate
Day 12- A picture of something you love
Day 13- A picture of your favorite band or artist
Day 14- A picture of someone you cannot imagine your life without
Day 15- A picture of something you want to do before you die
Day 16- A picture of someone who inspires you
Day 17- A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
Day 18- A picture of your biggest insecurity
Day 19- A picture and a letter
Day 20- A picture of somewhere you would love to travel
Day 21- A picture of something you wish you could forget
Day 22- A picture of something you wish you were better at
Day 23- A picture of your favorite book
Day 24- A picture of something that you wish you could change
Day 25- A picture of your day
Day 26- A picture of something that means a lot to you
Day 27- A picture of yourself with a family member
Day 28- A picture of something you are afraid of
Day 29- A picture that always makes you smile
Day 30- A picture of someone you miss
Day 31- A picture of yourself

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Skyscraper Shoes!

Thats what I call my newest pair of heels by Steve Madden... 5" heel with 1" platform. I instantly go from 5'4" to 5'9".

I realize that in a month and a half of blogging, I haven't even mentioned my obsession with shoes, which is funny because of the name of my blog! I wore these shoes yesterday and I have to admit, by the end of the day my feet were killing me. But I knew how good I looked and it boosted my confidence to push through the pain. Heels elongate your legs and make you appear thinner everywhere. So quit looking at me as I take tiny steps to prevent myself from falling on my face. Confidence, remember? :)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bachelor Mini Recap Episode 7

I am running behind on this weekly blog because of Valentines' Day! So sorry guys! :) Let me start by saying.. YAYYY! Michelle is GONE! We must back up though from the beginning.

Brad and the girls are in beautiful Anguilla.. oh I am so jealous. Their villa is amazing, the beach is amazing, it's all just.. amazing! This week there are 3 one on one dates and one group date. The one on one dates do not have a rose which excites the girls, because they are guaranteed to not get sent home.

Emily is the first one on one date.. they fly by helicopter to a deserted island and just hang out. They are still so nervous around each other. Brad finally tells Emily how he feels about her and they make out. Emily feels better because now she truly knows how he feels. Later at dinner, Brad asks about meeting Emily's daughter. Emily is really on the fence about it, which is understandable. But how can she expect this man to propose if he's never met her daughter? Something to ponder.

Shawntel N. is the next one on one date. They hang out in the streets of Anguilla and visit with the locals and shop in a local farmer's market. Shawntel admits she's falling for Brad and he states to the camera that something big would have to happen for this date to top his night with Emily. He later opens up to Shawntel about his issues with his Dad not being around and they seem to get closer because she actually listens to him. This is a big step.

Britt is the final one on one date. Would you believe this is her first? I like Britt, don't get me wrong, but there is no chemistry here whatsoever. I see Britt & Brad as brother & sister instead of husband and wife. Brad picks her up and they swim out to a yacht..which takes them to their own private beach. Brad cliff dives and encourages Britt to do the same. She freaks out but eventually overcomes it and follows suit. They are hanging out on the beach and you can tell Brad feels awkward. A comment made to the camera: We're having a great conversation, I just don't have the urge to grab her and kiss her. Later back on the yacht they are eating dinner and it's still very awkward. Brad decides to tell Britt he doesn't see a future with her and would rather not string her along. Britt begs him for more time (does she not realize hometown dates are NEXT WEEK? There is no more time!)and he says he respects her too much to keep her around. So instead of waiting until the rose ceremony to tell her goodbye, he sends her back to the villa to pack right then and there. Okay I have to stop and just say I disagree with Brad sending her home right then and there. How embarrassing was it for her to have to go back to the villa and tell the girls he sent her packing.. on a non-rose one on one date? He should have asked her for a date weeks ago.

Brad wakes Ashley, Chantal O. & Michelle up at 2 am for their group date. The surprise is they will be modeling for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue when the sun rises. The girls look hot, the swim suits are adorable. Brad is liking what he sees, especially when Ashley & Chantal model with their tops off. Michelle can't be outdone though and chooses to use Brad in her pictures..they needed a room for all they were doing in the sand in front of everyone. Ashley & Chantal were upset, within reason! Brad realizes he's screwed up here, all the girls are jealous and upset with him and each other. It makes the pool party very tense and one on one with each girl very tense. Brad is beginning to see Michelle for what she really is. Ashley ends up with the rose and Chantal ends up crying over it. She basically tells Brad if he can't choose her out of 3 girls then he needs to send her home. Brad has a lot to think about as Chantal walks away from him.

Rose ceremony time.. Brad tells Chris that he'd rather skip the cocktail party, his decision has been made and there is no changing it. The girls know something is up, especially when Chris comes to talk to them. They head down to the beach for the ceremony and all the girls except Michelle get a rose. You can tell she's livid (and she's alreayd told the camera pre-rose ceremony that she'd be "f-n p-d" if she didn't receive a rose. Classy.) Brad offers to walk her out and tries to take her hand and she won't give it to him. She won't even speak to him. He asks if they can talk and she said no. She got into the limo and laid down, doesn't even speak to the camera. Awkward...

So the previews for next week are great, the hometown dates. Looks as if Emily does allow Brad to meet little Ricki and I don't think little Ricki likes Brad too much. Shawntel (funeral director chick) takes Brad on a tour of the funeral home and he is severely creeped out. Hey Shawntel, bad idea. So until next week.. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! :)

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I hope today is filled with sweet love and candy for each of you!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bachelor Mini-Recap Episode 6

This week Brad and his girls jet-setted from flashy Las Vegas to absolutely gorgeous Costa Rica. This week we'll have 2 one on one dates and one group date. The first date card arrives before the girls can even set their luggage down. And it goes to.... Chantal O.!!!

This will be Chantal's 2nd one on one date. If you'll recall, the first one, it rained and they got really cozy inside a tent and we couldn't see what was going on. Hmm, wonder what Brad has in store for her this time? Alli hasn't had a one on one date yet and you can tell she's a little jealous. Michelle of course is jealous as well, but isn't she always? Michelle seems to think she knows who Brad needs to get rid of and end up with. Of course she says he'll end up with her, but we all know thats not the case unless Brad is just a complete bonehead. Chantal and Brad go zip-lining 600 ft off the ground..in the rain. Is it a coincidence that every date they are on it rains? Later on, Chantal and Brad are having a picnic and the rainstorm comes again, forcing them inside. They run up to Brad's suite, soaked. Brad gives her a white button down shirt to put on...I just wonder what would have happened if ABC cameras hadn't even been there.. hmm. Meanwhile Michelle is sitting back at the house being thankful that the rain has most likely ruined Chantal & Brad's date.. little does she know..

Group Date Card arrives... for Michelle (ugh), Jackie, Emily, Ashley, Shawntel & Britt. That leaves Alli going on the one on one date. Now I totally disagree with this because I really don't think she's a fit at all. But maybe Brad is doing this to see if she is and if not, see ya! The group date is repelling down a waterfall. Michelle immediately gets upset because if you'll remember, her one on one date with Brad consisted of repelling off a tall building and when they got to the bottom they made a pact not to repel with anyone else. So she puts herself at the end of the line and fumes the entire time. Each girl repels down and wishes Brad was going down with her. Even Jackie, who is afraid of heights and conquering a fear by doing this. Brad (stupid, stupid man) tells Michelle he was saving her for last, I think saying this to avoid a fight. Michelle is becoming more and more outspoken, as you'll see in the rest of the episode. After the repelling date, Brad and the girls head back to the resort where they are staying and hang out in a natural hot spring. Why is it that on nearly every group date they all end up in the pool or hot tub? All these skinny girls in bikinis is making me nauseous! :) Anyhoo, Brad ane Emily have a pretty deep, interesting conversation. You can tell they really like each other (and we really like them together too). Emily tells Brad she has a history of "sabotaging" the relationship and running away. This worries Brad and within good reason. Jackie gets one on one time with Brad and tells him she was a little jealous that he repelled down with Michelle instead of her. Brad doesn't like hearing this, but hello? It's not the Brad & Michelle show, it's the BACHELOR, Brad! You're here to try to find love with any of these girls, give someone else a chance!!! Michelle really shows her rear during her one on one time, telling him he needed to send Chantal home. Brad gets really uncomfortable and they argue a little about it. Michelle tries to smooth it over by kissing him. Brad decides to NOT give a rose on the group date and it ends abruptly. Thanks Michelle..

While the other girls were on their painful group date, Alli & Chantal are hanging at the house. A very large bug is on the table and Alli freaks out and runs outside. Chantal gets it on a paper and is taking it outside to let it free and playfully nearly throws it on Alli. Alli was holding a glass and she pretty much threw it at Chantal. Alli tells us she's afraid of bugs, especially if they look like they'll "crunch if you step on them."

Brad rides up on a horse for Alli's one on one date, with a mare for her to ride and two baby horses following. I have to admit I'm a little jealous even though I'm not a cowgirl, the baby horses are just too cute! Alli & Brad ride for awhile, then come to a forest where they put on helmets. Then they walk into a cave (which you KNOW has crunchy bugs)with bats flying everyone. They eventually get to a clearing and a spot the locals call "The Alter" (Alli's date card said "Meet me at the alter") where they have a picnic. The entire time, I'm predicting Alli won't get a rose and gets sent home. She and Brad do not have any chemistry!!! It's obvious when they have dinner and they are just making small talk. Brad is very uncomfortable and just doesn't feel a romantic connection to her. She tells him that she's very comfortable around him. He tells her he feels like she's more a BFF than a wife and sends her home. All the girls at the house predicted she'd go home too. In her post-interview, she says she'll miss Brad. I don't think she'll miss him because she didn't spend much time with him, I just think she'll miss the experience.

After Brad sends Alli home he goes back to his suite, looking defeated. Things Michelle has said to him weigh heavily on him, he is realizing that this is really a serious gig and he has some tough decisions to make. Someone knocks on the door and lo and behold, it's Michelle. Let's all take a step back and remember the last person who made a suprise appearance on the Bachelorette, Justin Rego,the wrestler who with a broken ankle hobbled over to Ali's house unannounced and he ended up only being on the show to furthur his career. I've already said that Michelle is an actress and she's doing the same thing here. Michelle makes out with Brad and then tells him (again) who he needs to send home and that Chantal isn't right for him. She predicts in order who he needs to send home and that she'll be in the end. Brad is super uncomfortable but again does not stand up to her. He asks her why she feels the way she does and she can't give a definite answer. Ugh, hooch.

Rose Ceremony time! Brad tells the girls that he has some tough decisions to make and someone had really given him heck about not giving a rose on the group date. Chantal and the rest of the girls (minus Michelle of course) are shocked and sit there discussing the who and why. Emily and Brad sit down on a hammock and Emily tells him she feels like an idiot for telling him what she did on the group date. She tells him she really likes him and they have a great conversation. Michelle and Brad sit down and Brad finallys mans up and tells her that these are his decisions and she needs to let him make them. Then she turns on the water works (because that is what actresses do) and he feels bad. After she returns the girls ask her if she knows who talked to Brad and she admits to it. You can tell all the girls are livid. Everyone is shooting daggers at Michelle. Chantal makes the most of her one on one time with Brad by telling him she loves him. I can tell Brad wants to return her love but just can't at this point.

Rose Ceremony time! And the roses go to...1: Ashley 2: Emily :) 3: Britt (surprise to me) 4: Shawntel 5: Michelle (WHO ALL IS SCREAMING AT THEIR TV'S??!!!) Bye Jackie.. :(

Till next week..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

American Idol Chicken?

17 year old Courtney Penry cracked me up last night on American Idol's Austin auditions. For one thing, she is totally crushing on Ryan Seacrest (not featured in this video) and its really quite cute, although just a tad stalkerish.

My fave part is her chicken impression.. lol enjoy! :)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Dance...

Quite simple.

Funnest. Game. Ever.

If you have a Wii and you like to dance.. or feel the need to every once in awhile, this is the game to own. I have been using it for workouts and let me tell ya, it works. Ever since I got it (not even doing it everyday) I have lost weight. And you talk about fun!! All you have to do is follow the moves of the little person on the screen. It is really easy and really fun! :)

And when I get brave enough, I will post a video.. :)

Bachelor Mini Recap Episode..? I can't remember.. lol

Well I for one am very jealous of the girls this week. Chris tells them to pack their stuff, they are leaving the mansion for good. Noo, they are not all being sent home. They are headed to Vegas Baby!!!!

I could go through all the hoopla of the nice suite the girls are in, but no, lets get down to business. This week we have (1) one on one date, (1) group date, and the dreaded two on one date. All the girls are very apprehensive about this. The date card arrives for the one on one date and it goes to Shawntel, the funeral director. I keep forgetting she's a funeral director and start to like her and then I think about what she does and it all goes away.

Shawntel meets Brad at the famed Vegas Fashion Mall and he tells her that they are going on a shopping spree, anything she wants she gets. Can I just say O M G are you kidding me????? I would rack a bill up so high ABC wouldn't want to pay for it. She got a lot of nice things, including a $5000 purse (I think it was Fendi), a gorgeous dress and shoes. She wore the latter on their dinner date later in the evening. Shawntel was able to go back to the suite and get ready and show off all her goodies. All the girls (within reason) were extremely jealous. Especially the ones who had previously had a one on one date and there's wasn't that good. Can't say I blame them!! Later on in the evening, Brad and Shawntel dined on the roof of the mall they were in previously. Shawntel tells Brad about her profession and they laugh about it. Guess thats a good sign. Then they watched a fireworks show that was being displayed from the top of their hotel.. so all the girls in the suite heard it going off and knew who it was for. Of course, Shawntel got the rose.

The group date card consisted of everyone but the two Ashley's so that means they will be going on the two on one. They are both devastated since they are "best friends". Anyhoo, the group date takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Now if you've been paying any attention at all, you know that Emily's fiancee was a former Nascar driver then became owner and he was flying to a race when he died. Everyone is supposed to suit up in these hideous track suits and then take turns driving the cars. Emily is obviously uncomfortable but trying very hard to put a smile on her face. All the girls are worried about her. Brad finally realizes something is wrong and pulls her aside. At first she deflects saying everything is fine, then she decides to tell him about her fiance. Of course, Brad feels like a total jerk(why though? ABC plans the dates!). But this is good, now Brad knows more details. This track was where her fiance's career ended, and she's never driven a car, only ridden with him. When they returned it was her turn to drive and she put on a brave face and got in the car. But being in the car made her upset and Brad did the right thing by trying to make sure she was okay. She overcame her emotions and fears and drove the car around the track. At the after-party, Brad spoke with Emily a little more and eventually gave her the rose. Brad did spend a little time with some of the other girls. Chantel told him if he wasn't into her to send her home and Alli said it's hard to feel special with all the other women here. All the other girls felt like they were watching a Brad and Emily date. Jealous much?

Now onto our two on one date. Ashley S. and Ashley H. (the nanny and the dentist respectively) go with Brad to see a part of the Viva Elvis Cirque du Soleil show. Then they learn they will be performing in it. So they learn their moves and then the director says that only one of the girls will be performing in it. So basically, whoever doesn't get the boot gets to do it. Both girls are completely on edge all night. They all three eventually go to dinner and Brad has to tell them to eat because they are so nervous. Eventually, Brad tells them both he likes them very much but he doesn't see Ashley S. being a good fit for him... sending her home heartbroken. Ashley H. is sad for her friend but overjoyed that she is staying. They go perform in the show and ladedadeda.

Finally we reach the rose ceremony. Brad spends time one on one with most of the girls. Because Alli whined and said she didn't feel special on a group date, he brought her champagne and a little chocolate cake with green on it to match her first rose ceremony dress. Awww. Cue the jealousy again. During Michelle's one on one time (we all know she's crazy, right?), she tells Brad not to talk, that she'll do all the talking. She straddles him and tells him that all the women are like little girls and they don't realize what is right in front of them and that bothers her. Anyhoo, back to the rose ceremony. Marissa and Lisa are the women Brad sent home. In all honestly, when did he ever really spend time with him? Even Alli has gone under the radar until now. Cute outfits though..

Until next week..


Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol Chris Medina

Get the tissues ready people. Last night's American Idol held auditions in Milwaukee and an amazing audition from Chris Medina (remember that name!). Chris is a 26 year old Barista from Illinois who takes care of his fiancee who suffers from a traumatic brain injury. His story touched my heart so much I searched YouTube for the video and brought it to you. This goes to show that there are still good men around!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crazy Lady Michelle

Just wanted to share another blog I found today about Crazy Lady Michelle.. apparently she's an actress with an upcoming movie (with a ton of unknowns, but appears to look pretty good). Which makes me think that she was brought onto The Bachelor as the drama queen and being told how to act and what to do.  Wouldn't surprise me in the least considering ABC is always desperate for ratings!

10 Things About Crazy Lady Michelle

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bachelor Mini Recap Episode 4

Can I just start by saying that to me, it is not suspicious that Michelle just randomly woke up with a black eye. With the way she acts with the girls and in her interview, she deserves the black eye.

She even had the nerve to say that if she doesn't get the one-on-one date with Brad this week, then HE was going to get a black eye!!!! Does anyone else see how completely different she acts around him? When he is going to get a friggin clue??! Well, Brad must have gotten a hint from the producers because he did ask Michelle on a one on one date. He helped her face her fear of heights by propelling off of a really tall downtown LA building. Then they hung out in the pool and made out and of course, he gave her a rose. (idiot!)

The other one on one date this week was with Chantel O., the recently divorced executive assistant who works for her Dad and lives in Seattle. Word on the street (or rather, RealitySteve's blog) is that Chantel O. is the big winner of the Bachelor. We shall see. Judging by her date though, its a very high possibility. We can all see how relaxed Brad is with her. They joke around and play with each other and its never a dull moment.

The group date this week was going to a LA radio studio to hang out on the radio show, Loveline with Mike & Dr. Drew. So of course, Dr. Drew picked all of the girls apart. Ho-hum, yada yada yada. The real drama began when Brad took the girls back to his house for some hot tub time. An early favorite of mine, Ashley H., the dentist from Maine, is quickly becoming my least favorite. I seem to think she forgot which show she signed up for. She is very jealous that other girls keep getting time with Brad. I get that, I really do, but those girls are there for the same reason as she is; to find love. I really felt sorry for some of the girls we haven't seen much of, such as Meghan. We see her finally get a chance to sit down with Brad and Ashley S. walks up and steals him away. I kind of wish that Brad would stand up and tell these girls that he needs at least 5 minutes and then he'll get back to them. It's not fair to these girls, especially at a rose ceremony when they don't receive a rose because he didn't get to know them very well. Britt (who hasn't been on the radar much) stole some time with Brad and got a very steamy kiss from him.. one which the Dentist walked in on. So now she's once again feeling all jealous and upset. Get over it sister!!!!

Looking forward to next week's episode, they are all headed to Vegas baby! :)