About The Author.. :)

So I'm a wife, doggie mother, office assistant, friend, sister, daughter, pain in the rear kinda girl!!! I like to have a good time with people I love and care about and my family certainly extends beyond blood!!!  I have been married to Jeff for over 5 years and we have two furbabies, Lucy & Comet.  I work for a great company doing office work which varies from day to day.  I work fulltime and am also a fulltime college student.  Which doesn't leave much time for anything else!  I am an aspiring author as well and hope to see myself published one day, whether it be in magazines or online.  Just as long as someone reads my work and gets a kick out of it. 

Few Facts About Me ;)
~I am a self proclaimed couch potato. Hey, at least I admit it.
~I sell Pampered Chef.. which means I do enjoy cooking! :)
~I am addicted to karaoke. :)
~I hang out on Facebook a lot..it's most likely I don't miss any posts..and if I do, it drives me crazy!
~I used to care about what people thought about me..but life is too short for that! I know who I am, and those who know me best know who I am and it's what counts. :)
~"A Little Bit Stronger" by Sara Evans could have very easily been written by me..lived it..survived it...am stronger because of it. :)
~AVID DALLAS COWBOYS FAN.. :) nuff said!
~I like all sorts of sports..I love getting into the action...........I yell at the TV more than my husband does!!