Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 3

This was supposed to be the ill-fated episode where Bentley exposes himself and his lies to Ashley.  Did that happen? Heck no.  Thanks ABC for all the editing to make it look like that really happen.  Talk about disappointed!!!!  Okay I'll quit skipping ahead and get right to the juice.   This week there were 2 one on one dates and 1 group date.

Ben C.  got the first one on one date.  He had told Ashley at last week's rose ceremony that if there was ever a "dancing date", he'd love to be a part of it.  Your wish shall be her command.  Ben C. got a pretty awesome date. Ashley taught him some dance moves and then then ended up in a Flash Mob at the Americana by Brand mall.  Far East Movement was performing and it seemed to me that Ben was lost in his own dance for about half of the performance.  In the end, the crowd coaxes them to kiss as the band plays, which is pretty romantic if I do say so myself.

Later on at dinner, Ben C. admits he's always wanted life for he and his future wife to be in an idyllic "bubble."  Ashley calls him a hopeless romantic.  Maybe he's more hopeful than hopeless..guess we will have to see.  Ashley gives him a rose.

The group date this week consists of Bentley, Jeff "Zorro", Lucas, Ryan P., Blake, Jeff, Nick & William.   But before they even leave for the group date (and as soon as Ashley sits down), "Zorro" requests to speak to her privately.  Is this the big reveal? We all wait with baited breath.  He draws it out, finally reveals the mask.  CRICKETS I tell ya!!! You'd have thought he'd looked like a supermodel with all the drama surrounding that mask.  No.  That is so not the case.  Ashley even commented that he looked a little older than she thought he was.  I have a feeling he won't be getting a rose this week. 

The guys pile into a limo and head out to a comedy club where they find out they will be doing a roast of Ashley.  If you have never watched or even heard of a roast, it is basically insulting the honored person with as much love and humor as possible. It is meant to be honest, but funny!  The guys have a little bit of time to write out what they are going to say.  William (who is supposedly the funniest guy in the house) sees this as his big moment in the spotlight.  He knows the other guys are going to be easy on Ashley, but he's watched one too many roasts on Comedy Central and he feels he's the expert on how its done.  Lucas goes first and he is smart, he takes jabs at the other guys and none at Ashley.  Jeff & Nick make jabs at Ashley's small chest.  That is just wrong!! A couple others refer to her as Brad Womack's "leftovers."  William takes the stage and says he thought the Bachelorette was going to be Emily or Shawntel. You can tell the jab really hit a spot with Ashley and even though she hugged him afterwards, she walked off the stage in tears.  Who was there to comfort her?? BENTLEY. With all his fakeness.  He assures her by saying "Hey at least 24 out of 25 guys here are glad its you!" Ashley doesn't see the irony in it like we do..but I'm sure she will as she watches the episode at home.  William realizes his stupidity after the guys tell him what a jerk he came across to be. After the comedy club, Ashley reveals that those jabs really hit her hard and she didn't really appreciate it.  William takes her aside and attempts to apologize and it ends up being very awkward and he decides he's just going to leave.  The cameras show him roaming the streets of LA as the cocktail party continutes without him.  Ashley seems sort of out of it as she has one on one time with the rest of the guys.  Ryan P (the cutie who looks like Matthew Morrison) is the only one who seems to comfort her.  Ashley decides she's going to be honest about the rumors she heard about Bentley and when he's confronted with it, he denies it.  He knows who spread it (Michelle Money) and claims she is not a credible source.  Ashley believes him and snuggles up to him and Bentley seems to think he'll get the group date rose.  Ryan P. ends up with it because he really comforted her.

On that note, Bentley decides to "check out".. he didn't get the group date rose and he's bored and ready to go home and uses his daughter as an excuse. What a skeeze!!!! He tells all the guys goodbye and a few of them tell him he's a good guy (bet they'd really like to kick his rear now!) and then he heads to Ashley's house to talk to her.  Ashley seems surprised that he's there but in my opinion, she had to have known something was happening with the camera crew coming into the house earlier than expected.  JP is getting the one on one date for the night and he's coming over to hang out at the house with her. Bentley hugs and cuddles her before telling her he's leaving and again, uses his daughter as an excuse.  He doesn't end things though (because he knows she's falling for him and he loves messing with her head) so he tells her it's not a period, it's "dot-dot-dot."  What a jerk.  When he leaves, Ashley is completely devastated and goes to bed to cry.  She tells us at home she felt he was the one and she felt at the last ceremony her husband was in the room and now she just doesn't know.  Okay here is my opinion, if she really felt that strongly for him that soon, why hasn't she taken him on a one on one date?? That doesn't make any sense to me!  She has to pull herself together because she has a date tonight.

JP comes over to the house and has flowers for her. It seems to lift her spirits a bit.  They ordered food in and sat by the fireplace and chilled out.  Then they decided to get in their pj's and really get comfortable.  I really like seeing Ashley just totally bare all with a guy.. No I don't mean she took her clothes off. I mean she has her hair up, makeup off, glasses on and she is comfortable.  JP knew she was upset and it was a good thing this was the type of date they had.  He ends up with the rose.

Because Ashley is so emotionally drained, she decides to forgo having a cocktail party before the rose ceremony.  Chris comes in and talks to her for awhile.  Did anyone hear me screaming at the TV for Chris to PLEASE tell her the truth about Bentley?  Chris knew about Bentley's antics.  I feel he should have told her the truth since he knew the truth. He had ample opportunity, he just didn't take it.  According to his blog today, this is not the last we'll see of Bentley.  So see Chris, if you had told Ashley the truth, maybe we wouldn't see Bentley again!! Jus' sayin!!

To quote my friend Kristie during the rose ceremony, "Batman's got to go!"  Yes I agree. Jeff "The Mask", "Zorro", "Batman" needs to go.  I called it when he revealed his face.  Since Bentley left, only two guys are leaving after the rose ceremony and that is Jeff & Chris.  I was really pushing for William to go home (because he never really left the show, just the date)after his antics, but she gave him a rose and he took the opportunity again to apologize.

Next week they are headed to Thailand!!!!! Weeeee!!!!!!!! :)


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