Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 4

Hola! Wait..that is spanish.  What is Thai for HELLO?! I don't know.  Oh well... the guys (and Ashley of course) jetted off to Phuket, Thailand this week! And what a perfect time to get away from LA with all the crap Bentley left behind.  

Constantine scores the first one on one date this week and meets Ashley who is standing in the rain holding an umbrella and telling him they are going to ride a boat to an island.  Not much fun in the sun will be had if there is no sun, am I right?  Right when he gets excited about it, the boat driver says it isn't happening, too big of waves coming in.  What to do now? (did anyone else hear crickets at this point?) They decided to roam the streets of Phuket.  It seems like they have a really nice time together despite what they are doing.  I won't go into all the details but Constantine does score a rose(and a kiss!).

The group date this week was very interesting.. the guys met Ashley at an orphanage and they redid the rooms for the children there.  I was really impressed with this sort of date.  All of the guys really got into it, especially Ben F. (who I keep mistaking for Constantine. One of them needs to change their hair!).  He began painting a beautiful mural on one wall and did a pretty good job despite saying he wasn't an artist.  At the cocktail party later that night, each guy got some one on one time with her. I could tell Ashley was a little bored at times.  Ryan P. seems to be grinding on all the guys nerves, especially when he steals Ashley for just one more minute of one on one time right before she hands the rose out(to Ben F.). 

Ames scored the 2nd one on one date.  He has an odd look about him.. He almost seems snobbish at times.  I'm interested to see how he is on a date with Ashley. Ames shares with Ashley that he is an extremely spontaneous guy.  He decided to come to Thailand for cooking school one night and packed his stuff and was on a plane within hours.  They kayak through caves & caverns and have a small picnic on a deserted beach and talk.  Ashley had been concerned about Ames but after this date can totally see him as husband material.  He ends up with the rose.

Ashley vows this week's cocktail party will be way better than last week's non-cocktail party.  Ashley has a conversation with West and is aware he lost his wife a few years back and questions if he's ready for a relationship.  He assures her he is but I don't think she buys it.  Blake the dentist tells Ryan how he is grating on everyone's nerves because he's constantly happy and he sort of takes it to heart, even telling Ashley about it.  Ashley admits to Chris Harrison that she is still thinking about Bentley.  (I mean, really?!) She requests an extra rose for this rose ceremony because she doesn't want to miss out on a great guy and accidently send him home.  Since there is one extra rose, that means one guy will go home tonight. Who will it be??

WEST.  I liked West but Ashley feels he isn't ready for a relationship and I sort of sense the same thing myself. 

Next week's previews tell us what I have been waiting for..Bentley's return.  It show's Chris Harrison going to Ashley's room and telling her he's back.  I hope that Chris has also been somewhat honest with her about Bad News Bentley.

Until next week.. :)


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