Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 5 Recap

I must start out and say I screamed at my TV for most of this episode hoping Ashley could hear me.  Of course, she didn't.

Ashley went on a one on one date with Ben F. the winemaker from California.  Last week they had some chemistry during the group date.  They went shopping through a Thai market and ate Thai cuisine and listened to Thai music.  They seem to find it easy to be with each other and I could see Ben going to the end. (He got a rose BTW.)

This week's group date was horrible.  Ashley, where do you come up with this stuff? All of the guys (minus Ben F., Ben C., and William) went to a hot gym and trained to box.  Then they were given bright colored boxing trucks and gloves and shuttled to a boxing ring out on a town square.  Immediately I knew this wasn't going to end well.  All of the guys went into the ring one on one.  Most of them were pretty fair fights until it came down to Ryan & Ames.  Ames admitted to us he was not a fighter.  In my opinion, he should have just laid down and played dead.  But he gave it his all and Ryan "rung his bell" pretty good, delivering five blows to Ames' head.  When the match was over, Ames was pretty much out of it.  Ashley knew something was wrong, but she kept asking him if he was okay and in his usual fashion he'd say "I'm great."  Ashley finally got producers to take him to the hospital to get checked out.  He ended up having a mild concussion.  Blake the dentist ended up with the group date rose.

This week is the first two on one date and to me it was obvious who was going to be going home.  William and Ben C. were the lucky bachelors.  They met Ashley and took a boat ride to a picnic.  Ashley and William stepped away for some one on one time and William tells Ashley that Ben C. talks about being ready to go home so he can pursue online dating.  I must stop and say that William is a total tool.  He knew which button to push to make Ashley turn against Ben C. and that is exactly what he did.  Ashley is obviously very upset and when they head back to the picnic I fully expect her to pull Ben C. aside to discuss it.  Instead she says the two on one portion of the date is over right now and Ben C. is headed home. When walking him back to his boat ride out of there, you can tell Ben is just completely confused.  Ashley tells him what she heard and he said he did say that but was joking.  I'm sorry but Ashley, you can't believe what someone else always says and it's not right to not ask the other person if what was said about them is true.   I personally think Ashley was looking for a way out of the relationship with Ben C. and she had an out and took it.  Funny thing now though, William thinks he has it in the bag.  At dinner, he and Ashley discuss him being a "30 year old boy" and how he isn't ready to grow up.  Dude, marriage is about growing up and this show is about finding someone to settle down with for life.  What. A. Tool!!!!!  Ashley says goodbye to him and throws the rose into the fire.. Dramatic!!

After the cocktail party, Chris Harrison & Ashley sit down and Chris can tell that Ashley is having a hard time..She just can't get over Bentley.  She basically tells Chris she needs some sort of closure instead of the "dot-dot-dot" Bentley left her with when he left.  Chris tells her he'll work on it and they proceed with the rose ceremony, with everyone sticking around except for Nick the personal trainer.  He was hot but I didn't see anything coming from them.

Next week is supposed to be the most dramatic episode yet..so stay tuned!


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