Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bachelorette Episode 6

Finally. The episode we've all been waiting for. When the B-word goes from Bentley to BLEEP!!!  Everyone is in Hong Kong and by everyone, I'm including Bentley.  At the beginning of this episode, Chris Harrison swings by Ashley's hotel room to let her know Bentley "flew halfway around the world" to see her.  Finally..Chris tells her to not let Bentley be "so vague."  Hey Chris, is that your way of actually telling her Bentley is a douche-deluxe?? Ashley heads down to B's room and hesitates at the door... dramatically.  Took her long enough to finally suck it up and knock.  And OMG.. the idiot on the other side of the door says "Who is it?"  Really B?? I think I would have answered with "Emily" just to throw him for a loop.  Instead sweet Ashley answers "It's me" and he opens the door and she jumps in his arms and practically rapes him for a kiss.  He's of course reluctant because as we all know, he has no chemistry with her in reality.  I honestly have to say after reading Reality Steve's blog last week, I wasn't expecting much from this showdown. They sit on the sofa in front of the massive walls of windows overlooking the city (what a backdrop!).  Ashley inquires about Cozy, B's daughter who he "missed so much" and he hangs his head and mumbles that she's fine.  Red flag #1.  He tells Ashley "they are on the same page" and that it's "hard to know if they're relationship is over forever."  Ashley pleads with him about it not being fair to her.  (Hello Ashley, he left the show.. obviously he didn't want to pursue it too terribly bad.)  Ashley continues:  "I have a gut feeling about you... I don't know why you came into my life. Maybe it was for me to teach you something, or maybe it's for me to learn from you, but maybe it's to be together." Bentley finally decides to stop with the games and states that since he's home, it doesn't look good for them.  Duh.  He also suggests she pursues the relationships she has growing.  FINALLY.. Ashley gets this look of realization on her face and lashes out at him...and I quote:  "If you came here for the same reasons Michelle Money told me, then you would run with that and have fun, and leave me with the dot-dot-dot, and leave me with, like, me wanting you -- and you know what? Mission accomplished. If that's what you wanted, mission a-f---ing-complished. But I thought that you respected me enough as a human being to give me the closure that I needed if you were going to leave me at that point. And you didn't, and it sucked." And instead of just walking out and leaving him with this..she keeps sitting there..telling him he should have just called instead of flying halfway around the world to be a total d-bag.   Okay enough with the Bleepin B-Word... moving on!!!! :)

Ashley has a one on one date with Lucas, the guy from Odessa, TX.  I like Lucas only because he's almost a hometown boy for me since I was born in Midland (the neighboring city of Odessa) but he's kind of squirrelly.  They walk through the street markets of Hong Kong and she asks a lot of questions since she hasn't really spent much time with him since the show began.  He admits he's divorced and it was the hardest thing he'd ever went through.  They have dinner, he gets the rose and he asks for a kiss which she gives him. 

Group date (I'm moving pretty quick here) was with Blake, Ben, Ames, Constantine, Ryan & Mickey.  They are divided into teams of two and have to go find locals to be on their dragon boat race team.  Long dramatic story short, Mickey & Ames win the trophy and they all witness a couple get engaged on the beach as they sit there sweating it out.  Later on at dinner/party.. Ames "kidnaps" Ashley and they go to an elevator and make out.  He made the first move and was on her like white on rice, which she was pleasantly surprised.  When Ryan (happy happy) gets his one on one time, all the guys are talking about him behind his back.  No one really likes him except for Ashley.  He ends up with the rose. 

Next one on one date is JP.  Okay I like JP, but to me it isn't fair that he's getting a 2nd one on one date when there are other guys who haven't had one at all.  Oh well.  I can't remember what they did other than Ashley telling him at dinner about her visitor earlier in the week.  He's cool with it, understanding and it gives her the courage to tell the other guys at the cocktail party.. .Can we say FAIL?

This is one cocktail party that was a disaster before it really ever began.  When Ashley tells the guys about Bentley coming to Hong Kong because she "had fallen hard for him and needed closure since he had left," some of the guys got really upset and felt like they were competing with yet another guy.  Of course, Ryan, Ames, JP & Ben were totally fine with it.  Constantine is the first to break the awkward silence and scolds Ashley for telling him on their date that she had "let go" of her previous relationships... Ooopsie.  Before she can even try to respond, Lucas (who btw already has a guaranteed spot to next week) asks her why she didn't do this earlier, since they'd already been to 3 different places since Bentley left.  So yeah, that's pretty screwed up. Ashley tries to explain that it was gradual..but let's be real.  It wasn't! Blake repeats what she said about "falling" for Bentley.. in disbelief.  Cue Ashley's exit to stage left.  Cue the sensitive guys to comfort her.  Eventually, Ashley makes the rounds to all the guys to let them vent to her about their feelings.  Blake brings her to tears and Mickey begs her to send him home.  She obviously doesn't want to do it so he does it for her.  (this makes me sad, I really liked him.  Mickey for the next Bachelor!)  Finally we get to the rose ceremony... Blake is sent home.  Poor guy. I really liked him!!!

Maybe next week we can get back to the task at hand..finding her a husband.  Now that she realizes how much time she wasted.    We see a preview telling us Ashley will still have heartbreak.. *sigh*  This has to be the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette. Ever.

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