Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 Days of Me ~ Day 1

Ten Facts

1 - I LOVE to sing.. karaoke, church, in the car, in the shower, whatever. You WILL hear me singing along if its one of my favorite songs.. Just bound to happen. :)

2 - I'm on my 2nd marriage.. it's not something I'm super proud of but I am proud of myself for seeing a bad situation and knowing it wasn't good for me to continue being in. Jeff and I have had our bad moments, it's been hard, but I can honestly say where we are now, it's perfect. :)

3 - I love animals.. but some animals do scare me. Bigger dogs that I don't know very well, anything that looks rabid.

4 - I tend to immerse myself in celebrity gossip and fashion. I always wanted to be a celebrity and if I could afford to, I'd dress like one.

5 - I love doing artsy-fartsy stuff. Being creative is fun to me. This comes from 2 weeks every summer with a super talented, crafty Grandma. We'd always find something to sew or paint or make.

6 - I had a bad experience getting my ears pierced when I was 5 which caused me to not have them pierced until September 2010. I have my friend Rita to thank for this who held my hand (impatiently). I am SO GLAD I finally got it done!

7 - I love to be dressed up, hair fixed, bling on all the time. BUT.. I am too lazy to do it every single day. So yes, you will sometimes see me at Walmart with my hair up and no makeup on. Be prepared, it is scary.

8 - You wouldn't have time to listen to the list of all my favorite TV shows. I am way too involved in TV. Last night alone 3 of my favorite shows were on. No, I can't watch them all at once. And now that Netflix has some tv shows on demand, I'm almost useless during Jammy days.

9 - I love to cook and wish I had a gourmet kitchen in which to do so. I hope one day (soon!) when we buy a house I can get a nice size kitchen and become the domestic diva hiding inside.

10 - I love animal print.. zebra, leopard, giraffe. Gift ideas people! :)


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