Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bachelor Mini-Recap Episode 6

This week Brad and his girls jet-setted from flashy Las Vegas to absolutely gorgeous Costa Rica. This week we'll have 2 one on one dates and one group date. The first date card arrives before the girls can even set their luggage down. And it goes to.... Chantal O.!!!

This will be Chantal's 2nd one on one date. If you'll recall, the first one, it rained and they got really cozy inside a tent and we couldn't see what was going on. Hmm, wonder what Brad has in store for her this time? Alli hasn't had a one on one date yet and you can tell she's a little jealous. Michelle of course is jealous as well, but isn't she always? Michelle seems to think she knows who Brad needs to get rid of and end up with. Of course she says he'll end up with her, but we all know thats not the case unless Brad is just a complete bonehead. Chantal and Brad go zip-lining 600 ft off the ground..in the rain. Is it a coincidence that every date they are on it rains? Later on, Chantal and Brad are having a picnic and the rainstorm comes again, forcing them inside. They run up to Brad's suite, soaked. Brad gives her a white button down shirt to put on...I just wonder what would have happened if ABC cameras hadn't even been there.. hmm. Meanwhile Michelle is sitting back at the house being thankful that the rain has most likely ruined Chantal & Brad's date.. little does she know..

Group Date Card arrives... for Michelle (ugh), Jackie, Emily, Ashley, Shawntel & Britt. That leaves Alli going on the one on one date. Now I totally disagree with this because I really don't think she's a fit at all. But maybe Brad is doing this to see if she is and if not, see ya! The group date is repelling down a waterfall. Michelle immediately gets upset because if you'll remember, her one on one date with Brad consisted of repelling off a tall building and when they got to the bottom they made a pact not to repel with anyone else. So she puts herself at the end of the line and fumes the entire time. Each girl repels down and wishes Brad was going down with her. Even Jackie, who is afraid of heights and conquering a fear by doing this. Brad (stupid, stupid man) tells Michelle he was saving her for last, I think saying this to avoid a fight. Michelle is becoming more and more outspoken, as you'll see in the rest of the episode. After the repelling date, Brad and the girls head back to the resort where they are staying and hang out in a natural hot spring. Why is it that on nearly every group date they all end up in the pool or hot tub? All these skinny girls in bikinis is making me nauseous! :) Anyhoo, Brad ane Emily have a pretty deep, interesting conversation. You can tell they really like each other (and we really like them together too). Emily tells Brad she has a history of "sabotaging" the relationship and running away. This worries Brad and within good reason. Jackie gets one on one time with Brad and tells him she was a little jealous that he repelled down with Michelle instead of her. Brad doesn't like hearing this, but hello? It's not the Brad & Michelle show, it's the BACHELOR, Brad! You're here to try to find love with any of these girls, give someone else a chance!!! Michelle really shows her rear during her one on one time, telling him he needed to send Chantal home. Brad gets really uncomfortable and they argue a little about it. Michelle tries to smooth it over by kissing him. Brad decides to NOT give a rose on the group date and it ends abruptly. Thanks Michelle..

While the other girls were on their painful group date, Alli & Chantal are hanging at the house. A very large bug is on the table and Alli freaks out and runs outside. Chantal gets it on a paper and is taking it outside to let it free and playfully nearly throws it on Alli. Alli was holding a glass and she pretty much threw it at Chantal. Alli tells us she's afraid of bugs, especially if they look like they'll "crunch if you step on them."

Brad rides up on a horse for Alli's one on one date, with a mare for her to ride and two baby horses following. I have to admit I'm a little jealous even though I'm not a cowgirl, the baby horses are just too cute! Alli & Brad ride for awhile, then come to a forest where they put on helmets. Then they walk into a cave (which you KNOW has crunchy bugs)with bats flying everyone. They eventually get to a clearing and a spot the locals call "The Alter" (Alli's date card said "Meet me at the alter") where they have a picnic. The entire time, I'm predicting Alli won't get a rose and gets sent home. She and Brad do not have any chemistry!!! It's obvious when they have dinner and they are just making small talk. Brad is very uncomfortable and just doesn't feel a romantic connection to her. She tells him that she's very comfortable around him. He tells her he feels like she's more a BFF than a wife and sends her home. All the girls at the house predicted she'd go home too. In her post-interview, she says she'll miss Brad. I don't think she'll miss him because she didn't spend much time with him, I just think she'll miss the experience.

After Brad sends Alli home he goes back to his suite, looking defeated. Things Michelle has said to him weigh heavily on him, he is realizing that this is really a serious gig and he has some tough decisions to make. Someone knocks on the door and lo and behold, it's Michelle. Let's all take a step back and remember the last person who made a suprise appearance on the Bachelorette, Justin Rego,the wrestler who with a broken ankle hobbled over to Ali's house unannounced and he ended up only being on the show to furthur his career. I've already said that Michelle is an actress and she's doing the same thing here. Michelle makes out with Brad and then tells him (again) who he needs to send home and that Chantal isn't right for him. She predicts in order who he needs to send home and that she'll be in the end. Brad is super uncomfortable but again does not stand up to her. He asks her why she feels the way she does and she can't give a definite answer. Ugh, hooch.

Rose Ceremony time! Brad tells the girls that he has some tough decisions to make and someone had really given him heck about not giving a rose on the group date. Chantal and the rest of the girls (minus Michelle of course) are shocked and sit there discussing the who and why. Emily and Brad sit down on a hammock and Emily tells him she feels like an idiot for telling him what she did on the group date. She tells him she really likes him and they have a great conversation. Michelle and Brad sit down and Brad finallys mans up and tells her that these are his decisions and she needs to let him make them. Then she turns on the water works (because that is what actresses do) and he feels bad. After she returns the girls ask her if she knows who talked to Brad and she admits to it. You can tell all the girls are livid. Everyone is shooting daggers at Michelle. Chantal makes the most of her one on one time with Brad by telling him she loves him. I can tell Brad wants to return her love but just can't at this point.

Rose Ceremony time! And the roses go to...1: Ashley 2: Emily :) 3: Britt (surprise to me) 4: Shawntel 5: Michelle (WHO ALL IS SCREAMING AT THEIR TV'S??!!!) Bye Jackie.. :(

Till next week..

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