Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bachelor Mini-Recap Episode 8

It's finally time for Hometown Dates!! Brad will visit the hometowns of Ashley, Chantal, Shawntel & Emily!

Brad started in Seattle, WA to see Chantal and her family. It's actually a beautiful day for a city known for constant rainstorms. Chantal basically tells Brad if he doesn't score well with the 'rents, then it's hit the road jack. Chantal takes him to her home first and she lives in a really nice house with her Pomeranian, Boca (Lucy's cousin!) and two cats. They visit on the couch for awhile and then head over to her parent's mansion. Apparently the car business is working out well for Chantal's family. Wow. What a beautiful home. Chantal's Mom is beautiful and Brad and her Dad have so much in common it is scary. I can totally see Brad becoming a part of this family. Chantal's Dad gives Brad his blessing and all is well.

Brad then heads to Maine to visit Ashley and her family. The little town she is from is real close to the Canadian border so most people around there speak french. Ashley takes Brad to a little cafe where she used to work and they eat one of her favorite dishes (the name has escaped me) that consists of french fries with brown gravy and cheese on it. Sounds pretty good to me. Then they head out to "grab dinner", buying lobster and veggies (at a roadside stand) along the way. Ashley doesn't look like any of her family (weird) but she completely lets go and is herself. Brad and her Dad have a good talk but I don't see Brad fitting in here. Even Ashley said to her sister if he proposed she'd not accept because she would want to get to know him first.

Back across the country to Chico, CA to where Shawntel lives. Brad is dropped off at a funeral home..creepy! We all remember though Shawntel is a funeral director in the family business. She gives Brad an up close and personal tour of the facility, including him laying on the embalming table and hearing all about that process. Yeah Shawntel, way to get to a man's heart!! Afterwards they head over to her parents house and again, I just don't see a fit here. Shawntel's Dad is expecting her to take over the business when he decides to retire which isn't too far down the road and he's none too happy to learn that Brad resides in Austin, TX and if they were to marry, she'd go with him. This warrants a father/daughter talk which basically makes me feel like even if Brad wants Shawntel to marry him, she'd get a guilt trip from her father about staying in Chico. Brad gets this impression, especially since he's awkwardly left to visit with her Mom & sisters. When Brad is ready to leave, Shawntel opens up and tells him she's falling in love with him. This is always an awkward moment.

Brad heads back across the country to Charlotte, NC where Emily lives. Emily meets her daughter in park and as expected, little Ricki is a mini-me version of her mother. So cute! Emily tells Ricki "Mommy has a friend named Mr. Brad coming to hang out with them today." Brad comes to the park carrying a long pink wrapped gift. Ricki hides behind her Mom and is very shy, not interested in Brad at all. Turns out the present is a butterfly kite and the three enjoy flying it in the park. Ricki finally opens up and they enjoy their day as a "family". Brad goes with them back to Emily's house, which is GORGEOUS. She has great taste both in clothes and furnishings. The trio spends the evening eating dinner and playing board games. Once Ricki is in bed, Emily & Brad take refuge on the couch and Emily wants Brad to kiss her but he basically tells her he feels weird about it with her daughter upstairs. Emily tells him if this works out, she'll always be upstairs sleeping so he'll need to get over that. He feels awkward and ends up getting up to leave.. she gets her kiss before he leaves. *sigh*

Everyone heads up to NYC for the rose ceremony.. Shawntel is the one going home. I think Brad got the vibe she's expected to take over the business and it's the reason he's letting her go. He tells her the reason is because when she told him she loved him, he didn't feel the way a man should when he is told that. Valid excuse. Until next week.. they are headed to South Africa!!! :)


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