Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bachelor Mini Recap Episode 7

I am running behind on this weekly blog because of Valentines' Day! So sorry guys! :) Let me start by saying.. YAYYY! Michelle is GONE! We must back up though from the beginning.

Brad and the girls are in beautiful Anguilla.. oh I am so jealous. Their villa is amazing, the beach is amazing, it's all just.. amazing! This week there are 3 one on one dates and one group date. The one on one dates do not have a rose which excites the girls, because they are guaranteed to not get sent home.

Emily is the first one on one date.. they fly by helicopter to a deserted island and just hang out. They are still so nervous around each other. Brad finally tells Emily how he feels about her and they make out. Emily feels better because now she truly knows how he feels. Later at dinner, Brad asks about meeting Emily's daughter. Emily is really on the fence about it, which is understandable. But how can she expect this man to propose if he's never met her daughter? Something to ponder.

Shawntel N. is the next one on one date. They hang out in the streets of Anguilla and visit with the locals and shop in a local farmer's market. Shawntel admits she's falling for Brad and he states to the camera that something big would have to happen for this date to top his night with Emily. He later opens up to Shawntel about his issues with his Dad not being around and they seem to get closer because she actually listens to him. This is a big step.

Britt is the final one on one date. Would you believe this is her first? I like Britt, don't get me wrong, but there is no chemistry here whatsoever. I see Britt & Brad as brother & sister instead of husband and wife. Brad picks her up and they swim out to a yacht..which takes them to their own private beach. Brad cliff dives and encourages Britt to do the same. She freaks out but eventually overcomes it and follows suit. They are hanging out on the beach and you can tell Brad feels awkward. A comment made to the camera: We're having a great conversation, I just don't have the urge to grab her and kiss her. Later back on the yacht they are eating dinner and it's still very awkward. Brad decides to tell Britt he doesn't see a future with her and would rather not string her along. Britt begs him for more time (does she not realize hometown dates are NEXT WEEK? There is no more time!)and he says he respects her too much to keep her around. So instead of waiting until the rose ceremony to tell her goodbye, he sends her back to the villa to pack right then and there. Okay I have to stop and just say I disagree with Brad sending her home right then and there. How embarrassing was it for her to have to go back to the villa and tell the girls he sent her packing.. on a non-rose one on one date? He should have asked her for a date weeks ago.

Brad wakes Ashley, Chantal O. & Michelle up at 2 am for their group date. The surprise is they will be modeling for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue when the sun rises. The girls look hot, the swim suits are adorable. Brad is liking what he sees, especially when Ashley & Chantal model with their tops off. Michelle can't be outdone though and chooses to use Brad in her pictures..they needed a room for all they were doing in the sand in front of everyone. Ashley & Chantal were upset, within reason! Brad realizes he's screwed up here, all the girls are jealous and upset with him and each other. It makes the pool party very tense and one on one with each girl very tense. Brad is beginning to see Michelle for what she really is. Ashley ends up with the rose and Chantal ends up crying over it. She basically tells Brad if he can't choose her out of 3 girls then he needs to send her home. Brad has a lot to think about as Chantal walks away from him.

Rose ceremony time.. Brad tells Chris that he'd rather skip the cocktail party, his decision has been made and there is no changing it. The girls know something is up, especially when Chris comes to talk to them. They head down to the beach for the ceremony and all the girls except Michelle get a rose. You can tell she's livid (and she's alreayd told the camera pre-rose ceremony that she'd be "f-n p-d" if she didn't receive a rose. Classy.) Brad offers to walk her out and tries to take her hand and she won't give it to him. She won't even speak to him. He asks if they can talk and she said no. She got into the limo and laid down, doesn't even speak to the camera. Awkward...

So the previews for next week are great, the hometown dates. Looks as if Emily does allow Brad to meet little Ricki and I don't think little Ricki likes Brad too much. Shawntel (funeral director chick) takes Brad on a tour of the funeral home and he is severely creeped out. Hey Shawntel, bad idea. So until next week.. :)

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