Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bachelor Mini Recap Episode..? I can't remember.. lol

Well I for one am very jealous of the girls this week. Chris tells them to pack their stuff, they are leaving the mansion for good. Noo, they are not all being sent home. They are headed to Vegas Baby!!!!

I could go through all the hoopla of the nice suite the girls are in, but no, lets get down to business. This week we have (1) one on one date, (1) group date, and the dreaded two on one date. All the girls are very apprehensive about this. The date card arrives for the one on one date and it goes to Shawntel, the funeral director. I keep forgetting she's a funeral director and start to like her and then I think about what she does and it all goes away.

Shawntel meets Brad at the famed Vegas Fashion Mall and he tells her that they are going on a shopping spree, anything she wants she gets. Can I just say O M G are you kidding me????? I would rack a bill up so high ABC wouldn't want to pay for it. She got a lot of nice things, including a $5000 purse (I think it was Fendi), a gorgeous dress and shoes. She wore the latter on their dinner date later in the evening. Shawntel was able to go back to the suite and get ready and show off all her goodies. All the girls (within reason) were extremely jealous. Especially the ones who had previously had a one on one date and there's wasn't that good. Can't say I blame them!! Later on in the evening, Brad and Shawntel dined on the roof of the mall they were in previously. Shawntel tells Brad about her profession and they laugh about it. Guess thats a good sign. Then they watched a fireworks show that was being displayed from the top of their hotel.. so all the girls in the suite heard it going off and knew who it was for. Of course, Shawntel got the rose.

The group date card consisted of everyone but the two Ashley's so that means they will be going on the two on one. They are both devastated since they are "best friends". Anyhoo, the group date takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Now if you've been paying any attention at all, you know that Emily's fiancee was a former Nascar driver then became owner and he was flying to a race when he died. Everyone is supposed to suit up in these hideous track suits and then take turns driving the cars. Emily is obviously uncomfortable but trying very hard to put a smile on her face. All the girls are worried about her. Brad finally realizes something is wrong and pulls her aside. At first she deflects saying everything is fine, then she decides to tell him about her fiance. Of course, Brad feels like a total jerk(why though? ABC plans the dates!). But this is good, now Brad knows more details. This track was where her fiance's career ended, and she's never driven a car, only ridden with him. When they returned it was her turn to drive and she put on a brave face and got in the car. But being in the car made her upset and Brad did the right thing by trying to make sure she was okay. She overcame her emotions and fears and drove the car around the track. At the after-party, Brad spoke with Emily a little more and eventually gave her the rose. Brad did spend a little time with some of the other girls. Chantel told him if he wasn't into her to send her home and Alli said it's hard to feel special with all the other women here. All the other girls felt like they were watching a Brad and Emily date. Jealous much?

Now onto our two on one date. Ashley S. and Ashley H. (the nanny and the dentist respectively) go with Brad to see a part of the Viva Elvis Cirque du Soleil show. Then they learn they will be performing in it. So they learn their moves and then the director says that only one of the girls will be performing in it. So basically, whoever doesn't get the boot gets to do it. Both girls are completely on edge all night. They all three eventually go to dinner and Brad has to tell them to eat because they are so nervous. Eventually, Brad tells them both he likes them very much but he doesn't see Ashley S. being a good fit for him... sending her home heartbroken. Ashley H. is sad for her friend but overjoyed that she is staying. They go perform in the show and ladedadeda.

Finally we reach the rose ceremony. Brad spends time one on one with most of the girls. Because Alli whined and said she didn't feel special on a group date, he brought her champagne and a little chocolate cake with green on it to match her first rose ceremony dress. Awww. Cue the jealousy again. During Michelle's one on one time (we all know she's crazy, right?), she tells Brad not to talk, that she'll do all the talking. She straddles him and tells him that all the women are like little girls and they don't realize what is right in front of them and that bothers her. Anyhoo, back to the rose ceremony. Marissa and Lisa are the women Brad sent home. In all honestly, when did he ever really spend time with him? Even Alli has gone under the radar until now. Cute outfits though..

Until next week..


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