Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol Chris Medina

Get the tissues ready people. Last night's American Idol held auditions in Milwaukee and an amazing audition from Chris Medina (remember that name!). Chris is a 26 year old Barista from Illinois who takes care of his fiancee who suffers from a traumatic brain injury. His story touched my heart so much I searched YouTube for the video and brought it to you. This goes to show that there are still good men around!!!


  1. I haven't been able to watch Idol this season. Thank you so much for sharing this. Chris is a wonderful guy with a kind heart and an amazing voice. It is impossible to listen to his story without crying or at the very least, tearing up! I will be following his journey on Idol now and hope that his dreams will come true!

  2. just popping in to say hello...was the video on FB, looks like a lot of your blog topics deal with TV shows that I don't watch....:)

  3. I loved it and I am loving AI this season! I am loving Scott Macleary too..:)