Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bachelor Mini-Recap Episode 3

Okay so this week's Bachelor to me was the best yet. Brad FINALLY took my favorite, Emily, out on a one on one date. But we'll get to that later.

I didn't pay full attention to the whole episode, but Brad took the nanny Ashley out on a one on one date. I really like her, she's very sweet. They *attempted* to record their version of Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" then were surprised by Seal himself (who was probably cringing backstage)singing the song. Ashley did get the rose and is safe until next week.

The group date this week was doing an action movie..? Okay.. well this part I slept through. Bor-ing! The only thing I can say about this was Michelle is such a snotty brat. Did anyone catch her comment about all the girls needing to pack up and go home so she and "her man" can practice making babies?? When is Brad going to get a clue that Michelle is POISON??

On a serious note, Emily told all the girls in the house about her story. Which is really a sad story and makes me bawl everytime I hear it. When she was 18 she was with the love of her life and he was a racecar driver. She was feeling sick and decided to stay home and he got on a plane to go to the next race and the plane crashed and he died. Less than a week after the tragic accident, she realizes she's pregnant with his child. Now she's a single Mom raising a 5 year old. She is struggling with telling Brad, and who can blame her. This story really makes the girls think about the real reason they are here, especially Madison(vampire girl).

Brad and Emily's date is really romantic. He takes her out to wine country and they have a picnic amongst the vines. You can tell that Emily is really trying to find the time and the words to say to tell Brad her story. You can also tell that Brad knows she has walls up. He says he really really likes her but if she can't open up it isn't giong to work out. Finally, Emily spills the beans and the whole tension lifts and you can finally see that Emily and Brad can really have a serious relationship now.

And Brad still kept Michelle.. Madison excused herself from the show.. and 2 other blondes who haven't been on Brad's radar didn't receive a rose either..

Till next week.. ~Kacy

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