Thursday, January 13, 2011


Pretty much everyone knows that I am a random person. I usually lose a train of thought because other branches of trains pop out from the original train and I have to backtrack to figure out how I got so way off base. So I guess this will be one of many random postings you'll hear from me..

1) Stupid People
For some reason, I encounter an extreme number of stupid people on a daily basis. Is stupid considered a derogatory term? Because I'm failing in finding some nicer way to state how idiotic people can be. Lets start with stupid drivers..first of all, GET OFF YOUR CELLPHONES! If you aren't calling the police to report an accident, stay off of it!! Get a freaking Bluetooth headset for goodness sakes! I see people everyday that fail to manage both the task of driving and holding a semi-important conversation. Also, quit texting while driving!! This is worse than driving drunk! No text is worth killing yourself or someone else.. really!

2) MEN!
I have yet to find out if my husband is even reading this blog. This could prove to be a good thing with what I am about to say. Why do men have to be so needy?? When God made Eve, did he give her instructions on how to take care of Adam when he started whining about being hungry or wanting/needing attention? I think when every woman gets married, they should be handed an instruction manual on how to deal with all of this. Sometimes, I just don't have the patience for it. If you're hungry, use those two sticks God gave you for legs and walk your happy butt into the kitchen and find something to eat. I have no problem with this, I don't understand why men do!

3) Weight
Why does it have to be so hard to even lose 1 lb? And why does most food that I like have to be so bad for me? Thats just not fair. No wonder most of this country is overweight. And all these yummy food commercials do nothing for my waistline either. Thanks a lot!

And I leave you with a goofy, random picture of myself.. enjoy :)

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