Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW!!!! in East Texas!!!! :)

I live in a place that doesn't get snow very often, so when there are snowflakes falling from the sky, I am as giddy as a little girl on Christmas! I am writing this as I stare out my window at everything covered in white fluff.

I have 2 small dogs, a Pomeranian named Lucy & a Chihuahua/Maltese mix named Comet. They both LOVED the snow. It made Comet really frisky and he would run and aggravate Lucy to the point of them both chasing each other around the yard. Jeff would make snowballs and throw them to Comet and he would attempt to fetch it, but then couldn't find it. It was the cutest thing ever.
I know snow is a rare occasion and for that reason alone it makes me thankful it is a rare occasion. It is an occasion in which to make lifelong memories. We've been blessed to get it 2 years in a row and we hope that once we have children they will enjoy the same blessing.

Please enjoy my video of the dogs chasing each other. :)
Dogs Playing in Snow