Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bachelor Mini Recap Episode 4

Can I just start by saying that to me, it is not suspicious that Michelle just randomly woke up with a black eye. With the way she acts with the girls and in her interview, she deserves the black eye.

She even had the nerve to say that if she doesn't get the one-on-one date with Brad this week, then HE was going to get a black eye!!!! Does anyone else see how completely different she acts around him? When he is going to get a friggin clue??! Well, Brad must have gotten a hint from the producers because he did ask Michelle on a one on one date. He helped her face her fear of heights by propelling off of a really tall downtown LA building. Then they hung out in the pool and made out and of course, he gave her a rose. (idiot!)

The other one on one date this week was with Chantel O., the recently divorced executive assistant who works for her Dad and lives in Seattle. Word on the street (or rather, RealitySteve's blog) is that Chantel O. is the big winner of the Bachelor. We shall see. Judging by her date though, its a very high possibility. We can all see how relaxed Brad is with her. They joke around and play with each other and its never a dull moment.

The group date this week was going to a LA radio studio to hang out on the radio show, Loveline with Mike & Dr. Drew. So of course, Dr. Drew picked all of the girls apart. Ho-hum, yada yada yada. The real drama began when Brad took the girls back to his house for some hot tub time. An early favorite of mine, Ashley H., the dentist from Maine, is quickly becoming my least favorite. I seem to think she forgot which show she signed up for. She is very jealous that other girls keep getting time with Brad. I get that, I really do, but those girls are there for the same reason as she is; to find love. I really felt sorry for some of the girls we haven't seen much of, such as Meghan. We see her finally get a chance to sit down with Brad and Ashley S. walks up and steals him away. I kind of wish that Brad would stand up and tell these girls that he needs at least 5 minutes and then he'll get back to them. It's not fair to these girls, especially at a rose ceremony when they don't receive a rose because he didn't get to know them very well. Britt (who hasn't been on the radar much) stole some time with Brad and got a very steamy kiss from him.. one which the Dentist walked in on. So now she's once again feeling all jealous and upset. Get over it sister!!!!

Looking forward to next week's episode, they are all headed to Vegas baby! :)


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